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Hi, after having talked to several people around Europe who've told me that they've been unable to find
Nada Sonata, I contacted psb records and they are in the process of sending more CDs to It should be available in the next two weeks. Sorry I hadn't been aware of the problem sooner.
All the best,


Ok, it's been a while. First of all, hello to the Frenz fan base. We're having a great tour. Davey Lane has just joined us to replace Liam. He's a fine musician and a lovely person...fits right in.
I'm asked a lot how it was that I ended up in a band from Down Under when I lived in Los Angeles, so to set the record's the story:
A little background info first. In the early 80s I was a member of the LA band ComboNation. The attorney who negotiated our record deal with Warner Bros was Gary Stamler. In the process of negotiating our deal, he met Tom Whalley, who was the A&R guy at Warners who came out to here us play live and was the one responsible for signing us. The guitarist for ComboNation was Steve Dudas whose wife Mary Lou worked at A&M Records (Split Enz record company in the States). Since Mary Lou could get promo copies from work, Steve gave Gary Stamler a Split Enz record for Christmas one year...I think it was '82 or '83. Anyway, Gary happened to be in New Zealand and saw that Split Enz was playing so he went and introduced himself and told Neil that if he was ever in the States that he should look him up. So when Neil and Paul were shopping Neil's demos they called Gary in LA. By this time Tom Whalley had just moved over to Capitol Records. On his first day at work, Gary sent him the demos (which included 'Don't Dream It's Over). Tom loved it but felt uneasy about signing the first band he heard on his first day of work at his new job. Luckily he did. A few years go by and Crowded House are now going on tour to promote Temple of Low Men. Eddie Raynor's (who is now the CH keyboardist) father is ill and he bows out of the tour. The band wants to cancel the US tour but Gary Stamler (who is now their manager in the US) pleads with them not to. He tells them he knows someone who can do it. Their reaction is that they didn't want a 'Yank' in the band. They finally agreed and Gary called me on a Tuesday night in 1989 and asked me what I was up to. I said not much. He then asked if wanted to do a tour with Crowded House starting that Friday in New Jersey. That's the story! I hope it's not too convoluted...


Greetings from London. I'm here with Crowded House doing some promo and a few gigs. We've played three outdoor festivals; one in Dublin at Marley Park, one in London in Hyde Park, and one in Northern Scotland.
We were lucky in that even though it was raining all day for every festival, the rained stopped for the most part when we played. The exception was Hyde Park. It was beautiful for the first hour or so and then the clouds gathered and the rain came...not a gentle rain either, it was torrential. As the crew busied themselves covering our gear, Neil played acoustic guitar back by the drums and I played keyboards underneath a tarp. Nick, of course, stood out in the rain with his bass with no regard for the lightening all around us. We played about 3 or 4 songs in this manner before ending. It was a lot of fun. The audience was soaked and so were we!
We're backstage at the O2 Arena waiting to do an AOL Music show which will air on July 6th. I'm looking forward to it.
Next week, off to Australia for Live Earth on the 7th and then some promo, over to New Zealand for some more stuff and then back to LA.


"People of Coachella, lay down your arms". That was Nick's response to being pelted by water bottles (full) by some over-zealous Rage fans. It was a good gig in spite of the lack of love in the first 50 rows. We followed Willie Nelson. It was sunset and the desert was beautiful. We shot a video 2 days later for 'Don't Stop Now' which is the first single from Time On Earth. The CD will be released in the UK on July 2, which is the same day Woodface came out. Seems like a good omen. It's also my birthday.


Well, I'm sitting backstage at the Glass House in Pomona,CA. The others are off having dinner so I'm taking this opportunity to launch my journal. We played in Tempe,AZ last night. A good gig overall but since I was ill (recovering from food poisoning) I wasn't as present as would have liked. We did a mix of old and new songs and had quite a good time. Liam (next generation Finn) opened the show with some wild one-man-band renditions of his quirky and lyrical songs. Liam is also playing acoustic guitar and singing backup on some songs. It's a nice addition to our sound. It also frees Neil up to play more electric guitar which he loves to do. I'm looking forward to tonight; it's gonna be good...but I always enjoy playing with these guys.


Stay tuned for news....




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