About Marcia

Marcia Berman worked for over forty years as a singer, songwriter, performer, recording artist, educator and teacher of teachers of young children. Based in Los Angeles, she is known throughout the country among parents, educators, professional associations, and fellow children's music artists. Several generations of children have been raised on her albums, and several generations of teachers have benefited from her workshops at their schools and colleges, and at local, regional and national conferences.

Most of Marcia’s songs were written as an outgrowth of her work as a teacher and a parent. More important to Marcia than her of songs is her work as a collaborator with musicians and teachers. She recorded twelve albums of songs for children, ten of which are in collaboration with songwriters, singers, dancers, storytellers, musicians and children.

Marcia is a real pioneer in the field of children’s music. It’s hard to imagine, but when she began in the 1950’s, she was one of a very small handful of people in the country to do this type of work with children and teachers, and likely the first in Southern California. She sang, recorded, produced, collaborated, taught. As part of building her own career, she paved the way for others to follow. Even in retirement, Marcia continues to coach, encourage and mentor new generations of children’s music artist-educators.