Board Members

Marcia Berman

Sharon Hearn

Chris Lamm

Jacki Breger

Betsy Hiteshew

Stefani Rosenberg

Renatta Cooper

Tom Hunter

Miriam Sherman

Dan Crow

Linda Jimenez

Kathlene Watanabe

Louise Derman-Sparks

Regina Kelland

Docia Zavitkovsky

Annabelle Godwin


Jacki Breger, Founder and Director

Jacki Breger has led music and singing with children in school, camp, and concert settings since 1965. As a Music consultant to public and private schools in the Los Angeles area, and as a presenter at local, regional and national conferences, she helps teachers develop and enjoy a Community Music Time in their own programs. She is active in summer camp programs, both as director of her own day camp, CityLife, and leader of music workshops for the American Camping Association. She is also the founder and director of The Marcia Berman Fund for Music and Young Children and It's Music Time Records.

Jacki’s gift is her ability to bring children and adults of differing backgrounds — economic and ethnic, handicapped and nonhandicapped, young and old — together in situations which provide pleasure and enjoyment, and promote understanding and acceptance.