The Marcia Berman Fund offers a variety of workshops for teachers, child care providers and parents of young children (0-8).

Music in School:

Marcia’s Early Songs for Children’s Early Years
Exploring why songs written by Marcia Berman are wonderful tools for supporting children’s development.

It’s Music Time
Helping teachers develop and lead a community music time in their programs and have it be fun for children and teachers.

Songs, Songs, and More Songs
Building and organizing a repertoire of songs so you can use them readily in appropriate situations.

But They’re Not Singing
Looking at signs of children’s involvement in the music time, reading clues and taking cues from children, with tips for encouraging participation.

Music at Home:

Records are Good, Singing is Better
Why singing together with your children is important, how to do it and have fun, how to find and build an age-and-situation- appropriate repertoire.

What to Buy and Where to Find It
Wending your way through the infinite variety and quantity of recordings and videos of children’s music, building a collection that encourages active participation.

Specific Content:

Singing the Hard Issues
How and why songs and singing are good tools to help children deal with difficult things in their lives such as separation, illness, death, loss, divorce, moving, earthquakes, news events, etc.

Songs and Stories of the Civil Rights Movement
Remembering major events, the people who “changed the rules,” and the songs they sang.

The Holidays Are Here Again
Ways to present controversial content, and respect the integrity of peoples’ celebrations and observances, with stories and songs.

All Kinds of Holidays and Observances
Stories and songs about historic, cultural and religious occasions throughout the year.

Songs are Stories, Too!
Singing in Support of Literacy. How songs and singing help children develop concepts and skills necessary for reading.

For information about these and other workshops, concerts, and Family Sing-Alongs, call

The Marcia Berman Fund for Music and Young Children

P.O. Box 712574, Los Angeles, CA 90071-7574