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FCPA Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card

5 Posts on the Importance of Expense Management

on April 07, 2015

Since March 2014, Oversight has published nearly 100 blog posts, the topics running the gamut from fraud prevention, ensuring FCPA compliance, business & financial best practices, data analysis, and automating transaction monitoring. For the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting the most popular posts for each topic in the hopes of shedding light on a few standout blog posts you may have missed.

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As you already know from reading our latest white paper, an expense management system is nothing without a strong transaction-monitoring tool to act as a detective control. With this in mind, I’m focusing part 3 in our series on Oversight’s best posts around Expense Management.

Expense Management Should Really Be Spend Management – Managing expenses is just one part of the financial equation in any business. What does your company’s expenses tell you?

Preventive and Detective Controls – This blog post by Patrick Taylor has been used as the backbone for many articles and white papers ever since its publication in May 2014. In the post, Patrick breaks down the difference between preventive and detective controls and why your financial processes need both.

Why Not Inspect What You Expect- If there is one thing Oversight’s Chris Rossie says, and says often, it is that companies need to “Inspect What They Expect,” meaning if they expect compliance, they need to ensure they’re monitoring their policies effectively. Helping companies strengthen their financial compliance program and “inspect what they expect,” is at the heart of everything we do at Oversight!

99 Problems, But T&E Shouldn’t Be One - In business, you already have “99 problems.” T&E shouldn’t be one of them. Especially when there are third-party analytical services ready to analyze spending for a fraction of the cost of doing data analysis on your own.

Misconduct Tales from the Oversight Vault – Who doesn’t love a great story about the shocking things we’ve found in our client’s card transactions?