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November Spend Insights Report Depicts Increase in Spend Risk

Organizations continue to experience notable shifts in employee spending behaviors and trends during the current COVID-19 pandemic and almost universa...

The Alice in Wonderland Effect: Employee Spend During COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, organizations continue to see rapid change in employee spend behaviors.

Top 5 Spending Behaviors That Increase Your Company’s Risk

For enterprise organizations, spend risk comes in many forms. Waste, misuse and fraud can result in devastating losses as the cost of these discrepanc...

Employee Spend During the Pandemic: What Can Organizations Learn?

As the pandemic grounded enterprise sales teams and business travelers around the country in March, the impact on T&E -- especially on items like ...

Spending Risks Shift as the Pandemic Continues

For enterprises of all sizes, the current global pandemic is resulting in new spend behaviors. In fact, Oversight’s recent Spend Insights Report uncov...

Travel & Expense

COVID-19 and Employee Spend: 5 Changes to Plan for Now

While most organizations have business continuity plans in place to navigate crisis situations, the unknowns surrounding COVID-19 and its duration are...

Digital Transformation

3 Steps to Start your Financial Digital Transformation

Risk transformation is one of the most compelling aspects of your organization’s financial digital transformation. Regardless of where you are in your...

Company Culture

Oversight Systems Named A National Standard Among the AJC’s Top Workplaces for 2020

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently named Oversight a "National Standard of Top Workplaces" for 2020, based on the results of a third-party surv...

Digital Transformation

3 Core Objectives of Digital Transformation of Finance Functions

We’ve been talking a lot about financial digital transformation lately, so let’s take a high-level view of the objectives that drive this change.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Transformation

4 Phases of Digital Transformation

In our blog, “What is Digital Transformation?” we mentioned that despite there being no concrete rules for transforming your organization, there are d...

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the latest buzzword across nearly every industry. Robotic process automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artifi...

Travel & Expense

How AI is Turning the World of Finance on its Head

In the age of digital transformation, the role of the CFO and other finance leaders is changing drastically.

Travel & Expense

Using AI to Reduce Fraud, Waste and Non-Compliance

Virtually all companies struggle with some level of fraud and non-compliance in their organization.

Account Payable Audit

Controlling Corporate Spend is Not About Expense Report Receipts, it’s About Behavior

For the bulk of enterprises, spend audit is like a visit to the doctor today—symptoms get treated with very expensive medications but the underlying d...


Overcoming ERP Data Silos to Control Risk

Your ERP system is your system of record and source of truth. You rely on it to control business processes and stop cash leakage. And, you’ve invested...


Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Uses the Wrong Yard Stick

Accounts payable recovery audits are common practice to identify losses that ERP systems fail to catch. But does a recovery approach use the right yar...

Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

How a Fortune 500 Company Improved Compliance and Saved Millions [Webinar]

Where is your risk? For most large, global companies with thousands of employees disbursed across locations, this question is hard to answer.

Artificial Intelligence

Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence

The rise of deep learning and machine learning are radically changing our relationship to data. For evidence, look around you to see the impact that a...

Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

[in]sight 2018 Oversight Annual User Conference Recap

[in]sight 2018 brought together customers from some of the world’s largest, most innovative companies for Oversight’s first-annual user conference at ...

Artificial Intelligence

Oversight Announces Keynote Speaker for [in]sight 2018 User Conference

We’re excited to announce that business futurist and author Mike Walsh will be our featured keynote speaker for [in]sight 2018 – Oversight Annual User...

Artificial Intelligence

From Factory Floor to Back-Office: Shaw Industries Embraces AI and Finance Process Automation

For decades, manufacturers have been deploying robots to automate many production and operational processes. But now robots are moving rapidly into th...

Company Culture

Oversight Systems Names New CEO

Oversight Systems is proud to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Terrence McCrossan, a technology executive with more than 2...

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Survey: Men almost twice as likely as women to cheat on expenses

Men, white-collar managers and staff, and younger employees are far more likely to commit expense fraud, according to new survey of 1,200 business tra...

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17 Surprising (and Not-So-Surprising) Findings from the 2018 ACFE Fraud Study

The latest Report to the Nations: 2018 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is full of inter...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

Checking Twice: Find Out Who’s Been Naughty or Nice in Corporate Spending

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. An expected 100 million Americans will travel during the holidays, taking time off to focus on family ...

Travel & Expense Artificial Intelligence

Airport Upgrades, Apps and Travel Policies - The Future of Corporate Travel

Travelers have less confidence in airlines than ever before. IT meltdowns bring flights across the country to a halt. Oversold flights regularly ruin ...

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Quick Tips for Changing Employee Behavior in Your T&E Program

Influencing and changing behavior can be tricky in the workplace, particularly when it comes to getting employees to alter their spending habits. Savi...

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Trick or Treat: Are Employees Padding Expense Reports?

Bring out the candy corn; Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a time for frights and spooks, treats and, yes, one too many tricks. Thankfully th...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

5 Things that Make Auditing Expense Reports a Total Pain

Expense report auditing remains a highly manual, difficult process for many organizations. So much so that many just skip it. Aberdeen reports that le...

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T&E dilemma: when the bad guys look like good guys

In any travel program, you have compliant travelers and non-compliant travelers. People who almost always spend within policy and people who push the ...

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Bleisure Travel Shows No Signs of Letting Up

Bleisure travel rose 1 percentage point last year to 37 percent of business travelers, according to the latest stats from GBTA. This number jumps to 4...

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4 Tips to Get Your CFO on Board with Automated Expense Report Audit Technology

Spending on global business travel is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020. While business travel budgets are expected to increase, your CFO would ...

Travel & Expense

9 Questions to Evaluate your T&E Expense Risk

You’ve probably said it before: “We don’t have a fraud problem.”

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Expense Management Software Is NOT Enough

We’re big fans of travel and expense management software. Solutions like Concur, Certify, and Workday have enabled companies of all sizes to streamlin...

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Troubling T’s of Manager Approval of Expense Reports

The ACFE found that 75% of employees who commit expense report fraud are engaged in another form of occupational fraud. These bad apples—employees who...


Ignoring FCPA compliance for short-term gains may be tempting but you’ll lose in the end

Now that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has been around for many years, the expectations from the DOJ have become clearer. Having compliance...

Travel & Expense

Is your T&E Program Flying Blind?

We have discussed in recent blogs that spending on global business travel is breaking records and is expected to continue rising – reaching $1.6 trill...

FCPA Travel & Expense

Operationalizing Compliance: New Webinar with Compliance Week and Tom Fox

There’s been a lot of lip-service paid to “operationalizing compliance” since the Department of Justice’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs ...

Travel & Expense

Automating the Expense Process: How long before you can eliminate manager approval?

Most of the companies we talk to recognize that manager approval of expense reports is a very ineffective control. It’s easy for managers to just clic...

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How to Curtail Costs as Global Business Travel Spend Rises

Spending on global business travel is on the rise and expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020. That’s a 23% increase over last year. In the United Sta...


The Compliance Oversight Review Committee Matters

Do you need a Compliance Oversight Review Committee? I recently read Thomas Fox’s article in FCPA Compliance Report on this very topic. Fox advocates ...

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Spend Analysis Report Vol. 3: 10% of Travelers Commit Nearly all High-Risk Purchases

To uncover fraud, waste and misuse in your company’s T&E program, you need only focus on a fraction of your travelers. Oversight’s third annual Sp...


FCPA Enforcement under the New Administration

The potential changes coming to the regulatory landscape can get your head spinning. President Trump has demonstrated that he is ready to make changes...

Travel & Expense

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Eliminate Manager Approval of Expenses

Employees and managers have been given many wonderful tools to streamline the expense reporting process. Because of technology, employees have the mea...

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Bleisure Travel is Here to Stay

Imagine this…you walk out of a business meeting on Friday. Instead of rushing to the airport with your carry-on in tow, you leisurely stroll to your h...

Travel & Expense

Battle of the Sexes: Business Travel Edition

In 2017, most road warriors expect to travel for business about the same amount as they did this year, which is good for business. Business travel imp...

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Millennials Redefine Business Travel

Millennials now make up the majority of the U.S. workforce and by 2020 will account for 50 percent of all business travel spending. But millennials vi...


Major League Baseball and FCPA Compliance Aren’t All that Different

Batter up! As we head into Major League Baseball playoffs, it’s a good time to revisit FCPA compliance. That’s right, I said FCPA compliance.

Company Culture: Oversighter Spotlight Julia Versaci

As part of our monthly “Company Culture” blog series, we’re publishing interviews with Oversight team members so clients and prospects can get to know...

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Gigaom Podcast Highlights, Validates Oversight’s Cloud-based Data Analysis Approach

Jo Maitland, Research Director for Infrastructure, Cloud Computing with Gigaom Research, invited our very own Patrick Taylor, CEO of Oversight, to tal...