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Beyond BI: What’s in a Graph - Really?

on February 15, 2013
While perusing a BI demo I was struck by a featured graph with 15 bars showing sales results for various promotions.  The presentation was beautiful and the tooling impressive.  Then I started wondering what information I should glean from the chart.  The bars varied around a mean, some higher, some lower. Were the laggards a significant problem? Were the winners a sign of future success? Would I have ever noticed these outliers in the sea of dashboards presented to me every day? With enough time and effort, perhaps the answers to these questions is “yes.” But the very success of BI systems redoubles the need for a tool like Oversight, which does such analysis for me. Continuous Transaction Analysis handles the manual labor of reviewing reports and presents only the most important insights to me. Of course, I can review the findings and dig deeper if need be. But given the constant onslaught of information and increasing demands on my time, any help with picking the wheat from the chaff is greatly appreciated.

Dan Kuokka

Dan is a contributor for the Oversight Blog.