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Breaking Down the Data Access Barrier

on April 07, 2014
One of the biggest challenges in data analysis is in the acquisition of the data.  Once acquired, the second greatest challenge is mapping the data into a format that can be easily analyzed.  Oversight’s new partnership with TSYS addresses both of these challenges head on.  With the new Oversight Insights On Demand™ -- Powered by TSYS solution, Oversight and TSYS are radically changing the way corporate credit card transactions can be monitored.

Insights On Demand™--Powered by TSYS  analyzes data to detect violations of corporate policy, and search for patterns of behavior that are inconsistent with company expectations.  TSYS is the global leader in processing corporate purchase card transactions for leading corporate card issuers around the world. By teaming with Oversight, TSYS can directly provide Oversight corporate card transactions from most corporate card issuing banks.  

For companies with banks who participate in the Oversight Insights On Demand powered by TSYS program, corporate purchase and travel card transactions are sent securely and automatically to Oversight for processing. This means Oversight receives a single data format for all card types quickly, efficiently, and securely.  For issuing banks, this is a hassle-free process for meeting corporate customers’ data requirements.  For corporate customers, this is a quick and easy way to gain quick access to valuable insights into their corporate spending without the need for complicated data downloads, lengthy data access requests, or involvement in IT resources.

Everyone wins with Oversight Insights On Demand – Powered by TSYS.  Banks and TSYS win because they have a process for their corporate customers to easily and quickly provision data. Corporate card program managers gain insights into corporate spending that allow for them to maximize their program’s efficiency by reducing cost, mitigating risk, and strengthening policy compliance. And finally, Oversight benefits from the quick and consistent access to corporate customers’ data.  

There are many examples where data is difficult to acquire and really messy to process when it does arrive.  As an industry, we need to work toward more partnerships like the ones Oversight has with organizations like TSYS who make access to data easy, consistent, and secure.