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Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

Checking Twice: Find Out Who’s Been Naughty or Nice in Corporate Spending

on December 14, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. An expected 100 million Americans will travel during the holidays, taking time off to focus on family and spend time with those they love. Many employees will head out of town with company cards in their wallets.

For travel and purchase card managers, the post-holiday blahs can set in as the expense reports and card usage roll in, raising red flags as bright as Rudolf’s nose. Some employees may get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle and mistakenly use their company cards while on holiday. Others may suffer from a sense of entitlement: After all their hard work this year, they believe they deserve a holiday bonus in the form of expensing gas, a plane ticket, car rental or a meal on the company.

No matter the motive, holiday spending can create challenges for managers who are trying to maintain a travel and reimbursement policy. Fortunately, automated T&E and P-card audit solutions can help by spotting the naughty-list offenders and helping employees get nice-list approved.

Top 4 Naughty List Offenders

  • The Regifter – Employees sometimes request to be reimbursed multiple times for the same expense. Watch for receipts used over and over again. They may be submitted to different managers, just like a fruitcake being regifted around the office.
  • White Elephant – Gag gifts are always a hit at parties, but when an employee fabricates a purchase and submits it for reimbursement it’s anything but funny.
  • Bowl Full of Jelly – An employee inflates the actual cost of an expense before requesting reimbursement. Expense padding is easy to do and can be widespread when left unchecked. It often shows up as an inflated gratuity or claiming extra mileage.
  • Scrooge – Employees who attempt to receive reimbursement for a personal expense by characterizing it as a business expense say “Bah! Humbug!” to T&E policy. Around the holidays, watch for purchases and MCCs that might signal gifts or an uptick in expensed meals for business meetings.

How Employees Stay on the Nice List

Travel managers can help employees earn a spot on the nice list. First, you need to understand and address the root causes of employee behavior that lead to waste in your program. AI-based technology can be used to monitor ALL expense transactions across ALL expense reports and card transactions, to identify non-compliant spending automatically and to educate employees to make better spending decisions.

Research shows that people behave differently when they know they are being watched. As a result, organizations who routinely monitor and analyze expense and P-card transactions can see 70% reductions in out-of-policy transactions.

demo-oversightNot everyone is purposely breaking the rules; most T&E waste is simply employees making mistakes. With an AI-powered solution like Oversight Insights On Demand™, you can help your travelers avoid being the Grinch this season and into the New Year.  

Demo Oversight to see why it should make your wish list.

Jessica Kirk

Jessica Kirk is Vice President of Marketing at Oversight.

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