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Company Culture: Being a Part of the Oversight Family

on April 14, 2016

Today Account Manager, Stephanie Yates, shares a bit about her experience working at Oversight.

I started out as a Demand Generation Representative at Oversight last year before moving into my latest role in Account Management. Entry level jobs don’t always feel rewarding, but I got lucky. Contrary to my initial fears, cold calling was not only a job that I could handle, but one that I actually enjoyed. After researching and identifying the best person to speak with at my assigned accounts, I had a small window of opportunity to garner their interest and book an introductory call about Oversight. Even though my primary responsibility was to secure these phone meetings, I grew to love conducting the meetings more than booking them.

Not long after recognizing my growing curiosity about our software-as-a-service offering, an opportunity presented itself. I received an email about an opening in Account Management. I was nervous to apply, but knew that the risk of not acting on my desire to help was greater than the embarrassment if I wasn’t selected. After a week or so, I was thankful to find out that I’d been selected. More important than the change in my title and job function, is how much I’ve changed and grown to feel pride in the value our software provides to customers.

It didn’t take a lot of conversations to realize that the automation of reviewing transactions and streamlining of internal communication were two areas that organizations wanted to improve. What made the calls even more fulfilling was the fact that many of the prospects had no idea that this type of service was available. They understood the value and growing necessity of having an automated expense monitoring solution, but they hadn’t yet conceptualized the value of ensuring that their corporate card transactions and expense reports were actually within policy.

In my current role as an Account Manager, I enjoy working with our customers, and strategizing with them to consistently meet their objectives with the solutions. I have not become the master of all things Oversight, but I am always striving to be the expert in assisting our clients. What this experience taught me is that regardless of the role, being a part of the Oversight family has given me a source of pride. I strongly believe that the skills and knowledge that I am developing here will last me a lifetime, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned as our customer base continues to grow.

Stephanie Yates-Anyabwile

Stephanie Yates-Anyabwile is an Account Manager at Oversight Systems