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Company Culture: Oversighter Spotlight Jessica Kirk

on January 20, 2016

As part of our monthly “Company Culture” blog series, we’re publishing interviews with Oversight team members so clients and prospects can get to know us better. Started by Oversighter Julia Versaci, this is the fourth interview in our series. After talking with Client Engagement Manager, Beverly Kays, Oversight’s Manager of Risk Compliance and Privacy, Chris Hamilton, and Operations Engineer for IT Special Projects, Chris Ficquette,  we’re now focusing on another department and bringing to you a great interview with our Director of Marketing, Jessica Kirk. 


Q (Ficquette): How long have you been working for Oversight?

A (Jessica): I have been with Oversight for almost three years.


Q (Ficquette): What are some of your duties in your role?

A (Jessica): At a high level, I am responsible for developing and executing Oversight’s marketing strategy. This includes: positioning, branding, pipeline development, public relations, social media, content creation, and digital marketing.


Q (Ficquette): How did you get started in this area?

A (Jessica): At first, I got involved in marketing events.  It was a small company so my CMO allowed me to dabble in other areas that broadened my introduction which created larger interest in marketing and it took me to where I am today.


Q (Ficquette): Do you have any favorite stories from your time working at Oversight?

A (Jessica): My favorite story was when we officially launched Insights On Demand.  Delivering the new look and feel, new website, and new messaging and seeing everyone’s reaction during the company celebration was a very memorable event.


Q (Ficquette): What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A (Jessica): I'm simple. I enjoy cooking, traveling, shopping, and planning fun activities to do with my family. Also, I am into a few shows…"The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones." To relax and enter a state of zen-like bliss, I assemble LEGOs and color with my kids. 


Q (Ficquette): What do you like the most about working for Oversight?

A (Jessica): I truly enjoy the people that I work with. Also, the fact that we have an amazing solution to sell.


Q (Ficquette): Any words of wisdom that you want to share with our customers?

A (Jessica): Thank you for taking our call!

Chris Ficquette

Chris is an Oversight Blog contributor.