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DATA: The Common Denominator in 2014 Travel Industry Technology Trends

on February 10, 2014

From articles like the one recently published in Buying Business Travel to the topics I hear buzzing in customer conversations, the common denominator I find in all of the travel industry technology trends projected for 2014 is data. Regardless of the area – mobility, consumer apps, Big Data, NDC – they are all producing and/or consuming data. Corporate travel buyers are leveraging data every day:

  • to ensure traveler compliance with corporate policy
  • to identify new areas for preferred relationships
  • to measure the actual impact of existing preferred relationships
  • to identify policy changes that can make life better for travelers and/or save money for corporate budgets
  • to benchmark traveler behaviors within an organization as well as understand how they stack up against travelers in other organizations  

Since travel is the second-largest controllable expense in many organizations, data analysis and resulting traveler behavior analysis is crucial to getting the most out of an organization’s travel budget. The more data corporate travel suppliers can make available to their corporate customers, and they more easily it is made available, the better positioned corporate travel managers are to focus on key partners. Let us help you make sense of your data — learn more about our free Oversight Insights On Demand™ test drive today.

Chris Rossie

Chris Rossie is a blog contributor for Oversight.