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Does T&E Fraud, Waste, and Misuse Exist in Your Program?

on November 03, 2015

As most of you know, Oversight offers a free trial run of our software to qualified prospective customers. I’ve always been curious as to why any company that is interested in preventing fraud, waste, and misuse of their travel program and having better insight into their travel spend would decide not to do a free trial.

I think that this phenomenon can be chalked up to a mistaken belief that “What I don’t know is happening in my T&E program won’t hurt me.” Or alternatively, “If Oversight highlights issues of fraud and waste and misuse within my company, then I will have to do something about them, and I don’t have time to do something about them.”

Most of us know about the paradox called “Schrodinger’s Cat.” In this hypothetical scenario, a cat is placed in a closed box with some poison and until we open the box to observe the situation inside, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time.

This theory can also be applied to your T&E program.

  • Imagine that you have a large box that represents your T&E program. The box is closed so that you can’t see the contents.
  • The box may or may not contain instances of fraud and abuse, but until you open the box they simultaneously do and do not exist.

But you will never know unless you take a trial.  So, do you take a free trial of Oversight and open the box and look inside?


Julia Versaci

Julia Versaci is Director of Solutions Development at Oversight Systems.