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More Than A Pretty Face: The New Oversight Web Site

on August 07, 2013

After months of planning and development, we are proud and excited to unveil our new Oversight web site today. Our new site represents the next generation of Oversight and we are thrilled to introduce it to you. We’ve taken our ten years of experience analyzing data and feedback from prospects and customers to create a website that not only reflects an important evolution in our heritage and brand, but also a site that will soon deliver a whole new set of Oversight cloud-based, data analysis offerings -- Insights On Demand.

In other words, our web site is not just about being pretty and hip (the same way data analysis is not just about exploration but about getting the answers you need). It’s way more than that. It’s our first set of on-demand analysis applications designed to do the hard analysis work for you and deliver actionable insights NOW so that you can do your job better without worrying about trying to be a data scientist. This is the first realization of our goal to “free the answers” and give business users an easy, simple and fast way to gain the insights they need and make better business decisions.

So exactly what are Insights On Demand? They are pre-built yet customizable, cloud-based analysis applications (developed using our market-proven Oversight Operational Intelligence software) that analyze transaction data and provide you with answers to specific questions. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to tell us the answers you’re looking for and upload your data.

Our first set of Insights On Demand are focused on identifying and preventing potential fraud, corruption, and waste in travel and expense management and purchase card programs. We are adding Insights for the Procure to Pay process now. We will continue to add more Insights within these families while we add new Insight families to analyze different types of operational data. We are excited to launch these to new and existing customers and look forward to working with our longtime partners like VRIQ and new partners like CPRS.  Our partners play a key role extending the Insights On Demand Marketplace by applying their domain expertise through the Insights On Demand platform and working with customers to get the most out of all Insights.

A big thank you to our customers for their feedback and for driving the direction of our new Insights On Demand. We look forward to continuing to unveil more Insights and Insight Families in the days and months ahead that address the kinds of issues and needs we discuss on this blog. But for now – a deep sigh of relief and a sincere thanks to our team... Oh, and a cold beer. Or two.