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Oversight Announces Release of Version 7.0.3 for Oversight Insights On Demand

on June 16, 2015

At Oversight, we’re always striving to create a better software platform and user experience for our customers. As such, we continually release updates to our platform, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve released version 7.0.3 to customers.

The biggest change to the platform has been the addition of what we call “Trend Analytics,” which identifies the “big picture” view of the transaction analysis Insights On Demand runs. Instead of searching for what you should be looking for in your analysis, Oversight lets you know the biggest problems we’re seeing based on our own best practices honed over 12+ years in the industry. "This newest Trend Analytics feature gives users a headline-type view of what is most important to address when using the Oversight Insights On Demand™ platform," said Oversight CEO, Patrick Taylor.

The version 7.0.3 release also includes:

  • Support for Google Chrome
  • Integrated help "Walk Throughs" that show users how to perform common tasks
  • Improved Drill Down "breadcrumbs" providing clearer tracking
  • Improved handling of complex, multi-transactional comparison and analysis 

This latest software release comes on the heels of many additional developments, including a new Mileage Insight we publicly announced in February. The Mileage Insight is the latest in Oversight's T&E offering and identifies duplicate mileage submissions, mileage and gas purchases expensed for the same trip, any excessive mileage reimbursement for an employee as well as mileage expensed for a rental car purchase. Built based on customer feedback, the Mileage Insight is the first of many continual enhancements Oversight plans to make this calendar year. Click here to read the full press release.

Interested in seeing Version 7.0.3 in action? Oversight is currently offering qualified prospects a free trial that includes the analysis of 90 days of data. This trial allows companies to experience with their own data how Insights On Demand works.