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Oversight CEO Patrick Taylor’s Best Posts

on July 14, 2015

At Oversight, we’re lucky to have a CEO who takes time out of his busy week to contribute regularly to our blog. Being a thought leader in the data analytics space is important to our CEO (or “PT” as we call him around the office), so we thought we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled content to bring you a list of our favorite PT blog posts.

How Big Data Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions - There are two types of decisions you make with analysis: the strategic decisions, and the tactical ones. In this blog post, PT describes the differences between them and how analysis can help facilitate better choices when it comes to business operations.

Preventive and Detective Controls – This is a classic Oversight blog post we’ve used countless times in meetings and white papers, in which Patrick emphasizes the importance of using both preventive (like travel policies) and detective (like Oversight’s software) controls to find potential fraud, waste, and misuse in your spending program.

99 Problems, but T&E Shouldn’t Be One - In business, you already have “99 problems.” T&E shouldn’t be one of them. Especially when there are third-party analytical services ready to analyze spending for a fraction of the cost of doing data analysis on your own!

The Emperor Has No Clothes! Does Your Dashboard? - Have you ever looked at the dashboards in your business intelligence tool and thought….what stunning conclusion am I supposed to see? In this piece, Patrick tells readers how to look beyond flashy dashboards to find a software technology that truly delivers actionable data.

A CEO Tells Other CEO’s How to Learn More About Their Company’s Business Travel – Want to learn more about how and what your company is spending on? Look to the data.

Oversight, Data Management and Spring Planning – We love it when Patrick Taylor takes anecdotes from his own life and relates it to our business. In this post, PT describes an incident that happened when he was planting a garden with his children a few years ago, and how that helped him mold Oversight into a company that helps businesses easily make a difference in their own spending programs.