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FCPA Procure-to-Pay Purchase Card Big Data

Oversight in the News!

on December 04, 2014

As Oversight moves forward into the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to recap our big “wins” for the quarter. It’s been a banner year for Oversight in terms of press and PR (37 outlets and counting!) and the last six weeks have been no exception.

Here are some great articles that Oversight has had the privilege of being featured and mentioned in:

Two Secrets to Fighting Company Card Fraud – Oversight CEO Patrick Taylor contributed an article to Corporate Compliance Insights that published in early November. The article is an abbreviated version of our popular white paper of the same title, and the topic reached a large audience via the exposure on CCI. View the article or download the full white paper.

Could Big Data Analytics Improve Federal Procurement? – Our Managing Director, Public Sector Aubrey Vaughan was quoted on FCW.com about the need for better analytics and acquisition in federal procurement programs.

[From the article]

"The U.S. government has been doing big data since the 1980s," Vaughan said. "Today agencies have the power to apply what we call out-of-the-box custom analytics that could quickly draw analysis right at their fingertips in minutes."

Instead of hiring consultants and building new capabilities, Vaughan said agencies should consider using firms that have already built analytics models. He added that Oversight Systems' software, which tracks vendor interactions, has saved the Defense Department $8 billion since 2008.

Read the full FCW.com article.

Netflix Complaint Against Mike Kail Suggests Governance Problems, Experts Say – Patrick Taylor was recently quoted in a Wall Street Journal piece about the recent allegations toward Netflix executive Mike Kail in taking vendor kickbacks. Taylor’s quotes were used extensively through the piece, and Oversight Systems also got a mention as a software solution for corporations looking to avoid scandals like the one Netflix is in now.

[From the article]

Experts in fraud prevention say there are many ways company employees can try to misuse the process of buying goods and service…“There is a wide range of things that can go wrong,” said Patrick Taylor, chief executive of Oversight Systems Inc., a company offering analytic services to help catch such problems.

Read the full article on the Wall Street Journal.

Analytics that Delivers Insights into Corporate Spend and Operational Transactions—Uncovering Corruption and Compliance Violations –Once again, CEO Patrick Taylor gave an interview with CEO/CFO magazine. (He’s been keeping busy with interviews, hasn’t he?) This is the most comprehensive interview about Oversight Systems and Insights On Demand to date. So, if you’re looking for all the information regarding our company and the technology solutions we provide, look no further.

Read the full interview on CEO/CFO magazine.