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Travel & Expense

Partner Event Takeaways: Audit Automation and Deciphering Valid T&E Expenses Growing Areas of Interest Among T&E Professionals

on January 14, 2014

We recently took part in a great one-day event with one of our strategic partners, Concur, and had a very productive day full of meaningful conversations (not to mention stunning views of the Atlantic). It was nice to hear excitement and positive feedback around the ability for our Insights on Demand cloud-based analysis solutions to pinpoint T&E insights and promote action to affect change in corporate travel policies. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us. It was interesting to note that the two topics that garnered the most interest were:

  1. How to decipher valid T&E expenses (trips to the gentlemen’s club is not a valid T&E expense?) and; 
  2. The value of audit automation.

There is clearly a rising interest in driving visibility into T&E data and a growing realization that automation of this effort is critical. Almost every organization is struggling with the high level of manual effort, time and expertise required to monitor and audit T&E transactions. At Oversight, we are keenly aware of this struggle and are helping customers overcome this with easy, quick analysis of T&E data along with insights and recommendations organizations can take immediately to stop bad behavior and improve their travel policies and programs. This is in contrast to using traditional business intelligence (BI) tools which require significant time and effort to identify actionable information and lack the capabilities to easily take action (check back for a series of blog posts coming soon on the different between BI and Insights on Demand). We are encouraged by the continued interest in people taking advantage of our free test drive of Insights on Demand and look forward to working together to incorporate their valuable feedback to ensure our cloud-based solutions are meeting the challenges T&E front line managers and executives face every day.