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Recapping Concur Fusion Toronto

on November 04, 2014

Last week Oversight sponsored the Concur Fusion Exchange in Toronto, Sales VP Mike Harron, and Account Executive Sam Haase and I traveled to the conference to engage with current and potential prospects. This was Oversight’s first trip to Canada and the team was looking forward to engaging with our Canada prospects and expanding our presence there.

While there we had a chance to get to know some of the Concur team members better and were able to do some game planning with the Concur Alliances team, which were very constructive conversations. As one of their App Center partners, Concur invited us to participate in the “speed dating” event again, which was beneficial. This is a session where you spend about 6 minutes at a small table and get to introduce your solution, and then move to the next one. Doing this for an hour enables you to share your story with a large number of people quickly. We had a handful of people who were at the speed dating event end up back at our booth once the event was over.

Concur is also working really hard to expand business into Canada, and it showed in the conference. Even though it wasn’t as big as some of the other Concur Fusion Events we’ve attended, there was still a great amount of enthusiasm for Concur and its partners. It was nice to see Concur still consistently excited about promoting their partners and helping them achieve their business goals.

It should also be noted that this was Sam Haase’s first Concur event since coming onboard with Oversight in May as an Account Executive, and he did exceptionally well. Since we often have more booth visitors than we can handle at the Concur events, it was nice to have an extra person to talk with visitors about Oversight and the type of technology we can provide.

The Oversight sales team loves attending these Concur events, because we always have a good time and feel successful when we come back.