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Recapping the Concur Fusion Exchange Series 2014

on August 26, 2014

Last week was a crazy one: The Oversight VP of Sales, Mike Harron, and I were on the road for the two latest Concur Fusion Exchange conferences. The first part of the week we were in San Francisco, California, and then we got on a plane and headed to Chicago for the latter part of the week.

Since we’ve done several of these events this year, it has been great to see the brand awareness and marketing momentum build from January to August. If you could see it on a chart, it would look like a large tidal wave that only keeps building. The event in San Francisco was the first one where we have had potential customers seek our booth out, rather than trying to wrangle people to stop and chat.  We did receive a lot of traffic because of Concur’s continuing efforts to send prospective customers to their partners by providing a bingo-style game.  At Oversight, we are always impressed with the new ways Concur injects fun into the conference, such as entering contestants who visit all partner booths into a drawing for great prizes, like new iPads.

Concur also took a fun new approach to the last session of the day and called it “Speed Dating.” Mike Harron had “Speed Dating” written on his outlook calendar and caused quite the stir among the sales reps who look on his calendar to book meetings. It wasn’t what you’re thinking, though. During the “Speed Dating” event Concur’s “Hot New” App Center partners sat at a roundtable and got six minutes with other conference attendees, during which time they gave a company overview, elevator pitch, and explained more about their business and how they individually integrate with Concur.  Then when the time was up, they switched. Several people gave me business cards, unsolicited, which I take to mean that they are excited about hearing more about Oversight.

During the “Speed Dating” events Concur had the tables staffed with their own people as well, which is helpful because we were able to discuss ways to make Concur Audit Service more successful for customers. Oversight Insights On Demand™ enhances Concur Audit Service, because it allows the customer to focus on what needs to be audited, how and when.

I also had fun at the Concur Karaoke event in San Francisco. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a really good singer.  We only have one Concur Fusion event left and we plan on being in Toronto in October. After that, we are done for the year and look forward to what Concur has in store for 2015.