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Recapping the NAPCP Canadian Commercial Card and Payment Conference

on January 20, 2015

The new year has begun and Oversight is already on the road and making connections with current and prospective customers at some of the more popular industry conferences. Our first event this year was at the 2015 NAPCP Canadian Commercial Card and Payment Conference. It was held January 14th and 15th in Toronto. Toronto is a fantastic city, but it was very, very cold this time of year!

Despite some initial hiccups getting our booth to Canada (FedEx lost both our case and materials, then found it and shipped it in time) we were able to get set up no problem. Many thanks to marketing team who always sends the booth items out early to allocate for issues such as this, and their relentless pursuit of the items until they made their way safely to our hotel.

This was the first NAPCP event in Canada, and it was sold out, so there was a lot of great energy. Many of the participants were from the government sector, and it was great talking to them about the challenges they were having related to card spend and recent concerns about potentially having to publish every card transaction on the internet.

We like working with the NAPCP, especially because they employ the use of multiple round tables, which are great for gathering lots of information and perspectives in a short amount of time. These also allowed us to have specific conversations with Canadian municipalities concerned about making their card programs more transparent.

This interest in greater transparency matches a trend we’ve been seeing with our own prospective customers- they want to grow their corporate card programs, but also want to ensure appropriate financial controls are in place. Oversight is a great, completely automated control for card programs as it adds transparency and ensures policy compliance. I was glad to talk about the features of our product since it so closely aligned with the interests of those in attendance.

Other conference highlights included the opportunity to take both a prospect and a current customer to dinner, great sessions around trends in the industry space, and getting to talk with the folks at Payabillity, a new online payment technology.

Many of the visitors to our booth were companies we met at the Concur Fusion event in October, and a few we are currently engaging in a free trial of our software, and it was nice to catch up with them and chat a bit about their experiences with Oversight.