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Highlights from 2014

2014 has been a great year for Oversight. So great, in fact, that we wanted to highlight 10 moments and relive it all again. What a year!

Travel & Expense Concur

How to Make Travel Managers More Strategic

A new study from the GBTA Foundation, the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association, shows that while travel managers are p...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping Concur Fusion Toronto

Last week Oversight sponsored the Concur Fusion Exchange in Toronto, Sales VP Mike Harron, and Account Executive Sam Haase and I traveled to the confe...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping the Concur Fusion Exchange Series 2014

Last week was a crazy one: The Oversight VP of Sales, Mike Harron, and I were on the road for the two latest Concur Fusion Exchange conferences. The f...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping Concur Fusion 2014

Last week, myself and four other members of the Oversight team attended the Concur Fusion event in New Orleans. The event lasted May 6-9, with the bul...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Concur

Recapping the Concur Fusion Exchange Event in New York

I just got back from the Concur Fusion Exchange event in New York, and wanted to share my thoughts on the event.

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Patrick Taylor Podcast Blog

Oversight Systems CEO, Patrick Taylor, was recently featured on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report, a weekly blog that covers the latest trends and...

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Concur & Oversight: Working to Simplify T&E Reporting & Compliance

Concur’s CEO Steve Singh was recently featured in an interview with Jim Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money. One of Cramer’s questions for Singh is related to ...

Travel & Expense Concur

Nip Out-of-Policy Spending with Monitoring & Analysis

Concur recently shared advice on how to fix the “top 3 expense report budget burners” on its blog. In our customers’ experience, a fourth budget burne...

Travel & Expense Concur

Our Take on Concur Ignite 2014

Oversight had the privilege to participate in Concur's annual sales kickoff event, Ignite 2014, in Bellevue, WA on October 15. Nearly 40 Concur busine...

Travel & Expense Concur

How Timely is Timely for Corporate Travel Managers?

A comprehensive and recommended report produced by Concur, the organization’s Concur Expense IQ Report, provides exclusive analysis of the T&E spe...

Travel & Expense Concur

My Team of Three

At the recent Concur Fusion conference where Oversight announced its partnership with Concur, I was having breakfast with a group of corporate travel ...

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Two New Milestones: Operations Analysis Platform and Concur Partnership

It’s been a very busy month here at Oversight. We announced updates to our Operations Analysis Platform – all aimed at bridging the gap between the ha...