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Oversight Announces Launch of “Spend Risk Examined” Podcast

Wed, Dec 16, 2020

Episodes to Focus on Disarming Risk and Improving Spend Management  

ATLANTA – December 16, 2020 – Oversight, the global leader in spend management and risk mitigation technology, today announces the release of its inaugural podcast series, “Spend Risk Examined.” The podcast, which features diverse perspectives from a range of company executives, focuses on best practices for spend management and potential fraud organizations face. The five-episode series brings together anecdotes, ideas and thoughts from risk strategy to managing spend during a global pandemic.

The first episode of season one is available now at info.oversight.com/podcast or wherever you find podcasts. The premier episode, titled “Finance Re-Transformation,” provides an in-depth look at the business of spending money for the 21st-century enterprise organization. CEO Terrence McCrossan gives insights into the financial transformations and AI-driven intelligence moves currently taking place within finance teams.

“During the current pandemic, and beyond, it’s critical for organizations to understand how to identify and mitigate spend risk to prevent cash leakage and drive better spend decisions,” shared McCrossan. “The Spend Risk Examined podcast highlights spend trends, and forward-thinking strategies and technologies to help finance leaders better manage cash flow and compliance.”

Oversight’s recent November Spend Insights Report showed that fraud activity violations increased 57% from Q2 to Q3 2020. And with a 12% increase in new spenders bringing new patterns of risk, organizations need to better understand how to keep up. “Spend Risk Examined” aims to provide thoughtful information to better equip organizations as they navigate the ever-changing spend landscape.  

You can subscribe to all episodes at info.oversight.com/podcast or wherever you find podcasts.


About “Spend Risk Examined”

Join industry experts from Oversight, the leader in AI-powered spend management solutions, for a podcast that helps finance leaders learn how to disarm risk and elevate finance across the enterprise. Each episode, we’ll dive into industry trends and best practices to create greater efficiencies and explore the data-driven decisions that empower finance transformation journeys. For more information, please visit info.oversight.com/podcast. 

About Oversight

The world’s largest companies and government agencies trust Oversight to find and manage enterprise spend risk no matter where it resides. Oversight’s AI-powered spend management platform monitors and analyzes 100% of spend transactions, reducing audit effort, improving controls, and eliminating ERP data silos. With full visibility into spend, Oversight customers find and prioritize spend risk, identify errors and fraud, and eliminate process breakdowns that would otherwise go undetected. Oversight reduces out-of-policy spending by 70% while maximizing audit efficiency and eliminating cash leakage. https://www.oversight.com/