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Oversight Makes Taking Action on Big Data Insights Easy for Businesses

Wed, Apr 10, 2013

Operational Analysis Platform Delivers Critical Intelligence

ATLANTA, GA – Oversight Systems, a pioneering transaction analysis software company, today announced its Operational Analysis Platform to help businesses and government agencies evolve from exploring big data to quickly generating and delivering operational insights for greater business success. Oversight is the first platform to automate predictive, transaction analysis via evidential reasoning to generate specific, proven insights and then deliver those insights directly to executives and the front lines of business based on their individual roles. Developed across ten years of real world experience the Platform delivers Oversight’s deep, point solution expertise to uncover revenue opportunities, improve core business operations as well as discover and prevent corruption, fraud and waste. Across industry and government , Oversight analyzes over $1.6 Trillion worth of transactions and delivers insights resulting in recovered revenue and stronger compliance for customers worldwide.

“Oversight’s approach represents a smart way for companies to dive in and gain immediate, actionable insights from their data,” said Ben Woo, analyst at GigaOm and Managing Director, Neuralytix, Inc. “There is a significant shortage of data analysis skills especially at the front line employee level. Operational analysis software is a valuable, next step in the evolution from exploratory discovery-oriented tools towards leveraging automatically generated analysis in an operational construct.”

In addition, Oversight announced that the platform is now available to partners and third parties to develop and deploy their domain expertise.

“Oversight’s platform and partner development focus lay a critical foundation as we bring together the industry’s most comprehensive set of business operational data analysis capabilities,” said Patrick Taylor, CEO of Oversight. “It is our vision to work with the world’s best data scientists and consultants and together offer customers a wide range of analysis and insight applications to run directly and easily from the cloud.”

The Oversight Operational Analysis Platform: Acquire, Analyze, Act

The Oversight Platform dramatically accelerates time to insights with multi-faceted technology components.

  • Acquire – Oversight gathers data from multiple data sources including ERP systems, as well as structured and unstructured data and expertly prepares that data for rich analysis.
  • Analyze – Through sophisticated evidential reasoning, Oversight uniquely combines, predictive analytics with transaction monitoring to automatically generate insights for business operations including trends, predictions and recommendations.
  • Act – Insights are not valuable unless they can be acted on. Oversight creates insights that can be easily understood and distributes them with flexible delivery methods that reach the right employee or executive at the right time. Oversight includes an intelligent feedback loop that improves the analytics based on the actions driven by the insights.

About Oversight Systems

An innovative data analysis software company, Oversight Systems acts as a virtual data analyst, transforming big data into targeted, actionable insights for enterprises and government agencies. The Oversight Operational Analysis Platform acquires data from multiple sources, including ERP systems and external and unstructured data, and precisely applies predictive analytics and transaction monitoring via evidential reasoning analysis to deliver insights and drive action at the front lines for better decisions. Based on its platform, Oversight provides operational analysis point solutions designed to target specific areas of risk and opportunity, including corruption, fraud, payment/billing errors, customer retention and revenue management. Oversight's platform is newly available for consultants and other third parties to develop and deploy their own expertise. An SAP and Oracle partner, Oversight customers include a range of Fortune Global 500 companies and government agencies. Visit www.OversightSystems.com for more information.