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Nothing Gets By You Now™

Tackle hidden spend risk in everything from T&E and P-Cards to payables with Oversight’s AI platform.

Steer the Future with Oversight.


The World of Spend is Changing. Now is The Moment to Catch Up.

For 18 years, Oversight fueled the belief that technology can identify risk and transform Finance teams, so that nothing gets by them. Hundreds of the world’s largest organizations and thousands of Finance professionals served and empowered 62 Fortune 500 companies. 100% of payables customers with demonstrated ROI. Our cause, is simple. We increase the power of people and the performance of the organizations we serve. Oversight is expanding to transform how you manage spend. Payables, T&E and more.


See it all. Spot the Patterns.
Steer the Future.

Finance and Accounting professionals are under immense pressure to operate efficiently to ensure their company survives and even thrives during these challenging times. At the same time, they must ensure the continued integrity of their financial processes and the transactions within. They are on the front line of dealing with hybrid processes, human errors, non-compliant spending, and potential fraud. Instead of manually auditing a small sample of past spend, they can now automatically analyze 100% of your current spend while in process and see the actions they need to take with Oversight.

Transform Financial Audit
See It All

Get 100% visibility in real-time across every area of spend, from T&E and payables to fleet cards, P-cards, and more.

Gain Confidence in Controls
Spot The Patterns

Look beyond individual transactions and identify the root causes, trends, and underlying behavior.

Steer The Future

Put the processes, policies, and controls in place to ensure better outcomes and manage risk more effectively while improving process efficiencies.


The World's Leading Companies Rely on Oversight

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