Exhibit 1 - Oversight Hosting Guide

Oversight provides the Service, complete with the required hosting and support services as simply and as consistently as possible. Oversight reserves the right to modify this Hosting Guide from time to time; provided, however, such modifications will not adversely affect the Services. Modifications will be posted to this page and a notice will be given to Client by its Account Manager.

Oversight provides:


  • 12 x 5 access to product experts in our Customer Support Center via telephone and email
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support Center access for production-down incidents
  • Proactive support incident management
  • Product updates, including functionality enhancements
  • Defect resolution and problem correction
  • On-line support and training resources


Client Support Center


Clients have the following methods of creating, modifying and monitoring a support incident with the Client Support Center (“CSC”):

Support Portal

(preferred method)




+1 855-560-8750


Direct Dial

+1 770-984-4656

Email to:



*Note: Production Down and critical severity issues must be called into the CSC for Service Level credit purposes.

CSC standard hours of operation are Monday through Friday (US national holidays excluded), from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time (US).

Incident Management

When you have a question or encounter a problem or error, contact the CSC. All contact with the CSC is logged in Oversight’s call tracking system. Each issue is assigned a unique Incident Number that enables the CSC to track and communicate the status and progress of the incident. The CSC works to proactively manage the incident.

Incident Severity and Response Targets

Upon communication of the request, the CSC engineer will work with the Client to assign an appropriate severity level, based on how the incident impacts the Client’s business operations.

Incident Workaround and Resolution Targets

When an incident is reported, Oversight’s objective is to find a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

The following table outlines the expected initial response targets and workaround/resolution targets for the different levels of severity:



Initial Response Target

Workaround / Resolution Target

0 - Production Down

Service* is not available.

*Does not apply to Development or Test systems

15 Minutes

4 hours

1 - Critical

Severe impact on Client operations that cannot be circumvented, or where the fault prohibits customer from performing a critical business function.

1 hour

1 business day

2 - High

Serious problem where service is partially interrupted or impaired, but can be circumvented.

4 hours

1 week

3 - Medium

Problem has medium impact on business function and can be circumvented.

8 hours

1 month

4 - Low

Problem has low impact on business function and can be circumvented.

16 hours


Note: Production Down and Critical severity issues must be called into the CSC to meet response targets. Incident Initial Response Target – Oversight will meet the Incident Initial Response Target 95% of the time.

After Hours Support

Outside the 12x5 support period, Clients may contact the CSC at any time. Severity 0 (Production Down) incidents called in during non-business hours will receive an initial response within an hour; other contacts made during non-business hours will be responded to the next business day, based on severity.

Proactive Incident Updates

Clients will receive ongoing progress updates on each outstanding incident. The Oversight CSC expert assigned to the incident will monitor and communicate to the Client the progress of resolution, based on the assigned severity level. Regular proactive communication will continue until a resolution is reached. The following table outlines the timeline for proactive contact:

Severity of Business Issue

Workaround Target

0 - Production Down


1 - Critical

Every 8 business hours*

2 - High

Every 2 business days*

3 - Medium

Every 5 business days*

4 - Low

As required

*If requested by the customer


Oversight and Client Responsibilities

Oversight Responsibilities

  • Handling of Non-Defect Requests

    Client suggestions for enhancements or improvements to functionality are appreciated and will be forwarded to the Oversight’s Product Management team for consideration in future releases.

  • Notice of Emergency Maintenance

    Oversight will use reasonable efforts to provide 24 hours prior notice for emergency maintenance to the Service. The notice will specify the expected duration and impact of the outage.

  • Software Support

    Oversight will determine which version of Oversight software that is used. Oversight will proactively provide software defect resolution and periodic point release updates containing all generally available error corrections.

Client Responsibilities

  • Providing Designated Support Contacts

    The customer will be asked to designate named contacts that have the ability to add, modify or disable authorized users from the Service.

  • Provide Acceptable Input Data

    When Data is provided in a means other than by an established Oversight partner connector, Client is responsible for providing correct, consistent and complete Client input data that can be successfully processed by the Service. Approved methods are:

    • Secure File Transfer Protocol (“SFTP”) directly to Oversight
    • HTTPS directly to Oversight
    • Client authorizing a third-party to SFTP Data directly to Oversight
    • Utilizing an Oversight Partner Connector


  • Problem Description

    If an issue is reported to the CSC, Oversight requires a clear and definitive description of the problem. This includes describing what was expected to happen, what is actually happening, and why it is considered to be a problem. Information describing the situation in which the problem occurs is also needed.


Oversight Hosting Services

Service Availability and Business Continuity

Oversight uses industry standard technology and solid operational processes and procedures dedicated to provide business continuity and maintain availability of the Service. Oversight will perform daily and weekly back-ups of Data. Daily back-ups are stored on site and weekly backups are securely transferred from the primary data center from which the Service is provided to the DR site.

Maintenance Windows

Oversight performs system and software maintenance during periods when users will not be substantially impacted, typically at night or on weekends. Oversight’s planned standard maintenance windows are each week 12:00 p.m. through 3:00 p.m. Saturday Eastern time and during the third week of each month between 6:00 P.M. Saturday and 6:00 A.M. Sunday, Eastern time (US). Planned standard maintenance activity and planned outages are not included in calculation of availability. Oversight reserves the right to do emergency maintenance for events such as correcting significant security vulnerabilities or other catastrophic issues affecting multiple Clients.

Data Availability within the Service

Unless otherwise stated in an Order, as long as Client is current on a subscription for the applicable Service, (i) exceptions and the data that generated the exception(s) will be available within the Oversight Service for three (3) years from the original transaction date; and (ii) data that did not generate an exception will be available for eighteen (18) months from its original transaction date (collectively, the “Data Availability Period”). After expiration of the Data Availability Period, Data may be purged from the Oversight Service.

Oversight Service Level Targets

Oversight’s Service will meet the following service level targets. Unless otherwise specified, availability service levels will be measured monthly.

  • Services Availability – Will be available to users 99% or more of the time measured monthly excluding planned outages. The Service is considered to be Available when any authorized user can successfully log-in and perform a reasonable portion of the available user actions.
  • Incident Initial Response Time – Oversight will meet the Incident Initial Response Time 95% of the time measured monthly.


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