Purchase Card Monitoring

Stop the Misuse

Oversight AI puts a stop to purchase card related abuse. Constant monitoring of 100% of transaction data catches errors and stops wasteful spending, shining a spotlight on habitual offenders. 

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Our typical clients save around $500,000 annually.

It's nothing personal. It's your purchase card.

5% of employees are responsible for 95% of all high-risk purchases.


70% of employees follow purchase card policies. The rest don’t.


25% of employees actively misuse their company card.

A full return on your investment in Oversight is guaranteed. See your save now.

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Stop missing the misuse

Spot and block non-business spending, split payments, and purchases at risky merchants.

Zero in on the problem

Oversight AI identifies vulnerabilities, empowering you to mitigate risks and optimize controls, all with less effort.

Change behaviors

Identify and eliminate the root causes of bad behavior and non-compliant spending.

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Find problems and fix them faster!

Task Oversight AI to spot patterns of risky card usage. Take advantage of deep insights to catch threats of cash leakage. 


Protect your bottom-line. All the time.

Identify inappropriate and fraudulent payment cards usage. Cut costs of spend risk mitigation. 

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Oversight AI finds and fixes it faster!

Misappropriation schemes, including fraudulent disbursements, represent 86% of all fraud cases and can last 12-18 months before they are detected. Oversight’s proactive monitoring is the key to quicker resolution.


AI In Action

Risky transactions are slipping through your controls. Oversight scrutinizes all your data to ensure your purchase cards are only used where you intended.

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Identify Errors, Personal Purchases, and Habitual Misuse

Analyze every transaction, recognize non-business spending, split payments, and purchase policy non-compliance.

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Detect Duplicate Payments Across Siloed Systems

Compare data across purchase card programs, travel & expense management systems, and ERP platforms to identify duplicate transactions.

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Cut Audit Time and Effort by 90%

Flag transactions with risk indicators and eliminate time-consuming sample audits.

Industry Leading Technology

Oversight AI leads the way in Purchase Card Monitoring.

Oversight seamlessly and automatically prioritizes the exceptions your team should focus on first. As you resolve them, the system gets smarter, by using machine learning to modify priorities based on previous actions and targeting efforts to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

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You are essentially flying blind if you do not have a tool like Oversight. They can analyze data in a way that the human eye cannot. I'd rather have Oversight than an army of people trying to do the analysis..
Jon Feiwell Director - Financial Process & Quality Improvement American Bureau of Shipping

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