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Comprehensive AI Spend Risk Mitigation Analytics & Software




Oversight is the AI solution organizations use to tackle hidden spend risk in everything from T&E and P-Cards to payables.


The world of spend is changing...

See the actions you need to take now.

Expense Management
Identify patterns and trends among expense reports while detecting out-of-policy spend, such as waste, misuse, and possible corruption. Communicate these policies to your employees and guide future behavior within one system.
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Mitigate risk across the accounts payable function with comprehensive coverage from vendor master to invoice payment. Identify your highest risk from invoice processing errors, risky vendors, and other compliance issues.
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Implement the controls necessary to confidently expand your P-Card program. Identify split transactions and potential card misuse. Take advantage of rebates while gaining visibility into wasteful spend and potentially fraudulent activity.
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 Oversight's Promise to its Customers

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Oversight is how finance organizations use AI to tackle hidden spend risk in everything from T&E and P-Cards to payables. Instead of manually auditing a small sample of past spend, you can automatically analyze 100% of your current spend and see the actions you need to take now.
For too long companies have had to deal with far too much error, fraud, and misuse. To really be sure that nothing gets by you, you must be able to:
  1. See it all – Get 100% visibility in real-time across every area of spend, from T&E and payables to fleet cards, P-cards, and more
  2. Spot the patterns – Look beyond individual transactions and identify the root causes, trends, and underlying behavior
  3. Steer the future – Put the processes, policies, and controls in place to ensure better outcomes and manage risk more effectively




Who is Oversight?

Most of the clients we work with have a very similar challenge. They're either using people or technology to attempt to analyze large volumes of transactional data. 

With Oversight, clients receive a purpose-built, analytical platform that leverages AI and machine learning to achieve a result you could never achieve with people or with supplemental product. 

Our analytics are custom built specifically for analyzing the types of financial transactions that we deploy our technology against. 




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What our clients say

Oversight can detect things you can't detect. You can write the rules the way you need to catch the errors. It is an amazing beast of an application, slicing and dicing everything! 

Sharon Warmboe
Global P2P Manager, Amobee

The greatest benefit is being able to catch what we couldn't catch before, but also to have good reporting to show upper leadership. If anyone is thinking about using Oversight, or is unsure, just take a look at it. You'll be amazed!

Jennifer Gruich
Corporate Cards & Expense Programs, Southwest Airlines

Some of the biggest benefits we’ve received with Oversight is the change in employee behavior. The more employees we engage and make aware of the policy, the more the exception rate for the employee decreases.

Michelle Jawski
Associate Director of Internal Audit & Controls, Sharp Electronics

Since using Oversight, we have been able to mitigate risk, see behavioral changes within the company to align with company policy, find duplications, and actually get those corrected before they're fully processed. 

Derek Fieber
Inventory Analytics Manager, White Cap

We had a small team of people managing the T&E process for thousands of employees around the globe. We could only do spot checks based on certain criteria so we knew we had gaps in our process. But manually reviewing so much data felt like I was trying to swallow the ocean.

Carolyn Hardee
Corporate Card Manager, Autodesk

The Oversight for Payments product module came with a library of predefined integrity checks. By enabling is to easily identify the root cause of errors, Oversight is helping us develop and implement best practices for our transactional processes. 

Oversight Customer
Director of Internal Audit
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