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Oversight's Travel and Expense Monitoring uses the power of AI to identify and eliminate wasteful spending, duplicate reimbursements, and potential fraud.


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Oversight AI is purpose-built to monitor gaps in your T&E controls. It continuously learns and compares your data across time and siloed systems, giving you the precise information and tools you need to identify and tackle spend risk.


Over $1 Billion is lost every year in travel related fraud.


75% of employees admit to embellishing their expense report for personal gain.


Oversight catches the fraud and cuts audit time and effort by 90%.

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Pinpoint T&E Spend Risk

Oversight AI proactively identifies all Travel and Expense spend risk by analyzing every expense transaction, comparing data across expense reports, employees, attendees, merchants, and spend categories.

Prioritize Action

By eliminating duplicates and overpayments, Oversight AI identifies and prioritizes risky transactions, allowing you to focus your attention on the exceptions posing the greatest threat.

Reduce Overall T&E Spend

Oversight AI detects fraudulent and wasteful activity in Travel & Expense reports by automatically identifying of out-of-policy spending, false expenses, and multiple reimbursement schemes, cutting audit time and effort by 90%.

The best solution for expense validation and compliance

Oversight has analyzed 653 million T&E transactions, totaling $69 billion in employee spend, with our advanced AI and machine learning solution.


Double Down on Duplicates

Analyze every expense transaction, comparing data across employees, attendees, expense reports, merchants, and spend categories.


Get Your Priorities in Order

Confidence and risk scoring allows you to focus your attention on the expense transactions posing the greatest threat to your bottom line.


Act Fast. Act Efficiently.

Catch fraud, monitor every transaction, communicate with employees, reinforce policy compliance, and capture audit trails, all in one place.

We didn’t think we had that big of a problem, but it was bigger than we knew. With Oversight, we can identify common policy violations and can track violations by employee.
Clint Merritt Texas A&M University

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