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Oversight lets you identify the hidden spend process breakdowns that can cost millions of dollars each year in unseen errors, fraud, duplicate payments, compliance violations and employee abuse.

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We focus on your underlying process so that you can focus on your diverse business goals

Whether you're building the next industry disrupting app or widget, supporting financial growth and transactions around the world, or taking care of the lives and safety of our people and our communities, our data solutions give you the security of knowing your foundational business functions are operating efficiently, effectively, and comprehensively.

Transforming the way you do business

The Oversight solution lets you see, understand and act on every part of your spend risk, in real-time, all the time.

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Having a tool like Oversight certainly enhances our ability to be successful in mitigating the risks that we face. As technology changes, ... the tools that help protect firms also need to be more sophisticated, and I think Oversight performs that function very well for us.
Global P2P Manager
International Advertising Software Platform

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