Audit Every Invoice.

Your ERP system isn't an effective audit tool. Oversight AI analyzes every invoice across your entire enterprise, giving you total payables control.


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The $8M dollar question.

That’s how much Oversight is saving our typical client. Every year.


Doing what matters. With a single view of enterprise risk, Oversight delivers advanced real time analysis on 100% of transactions.


Do more with less. Oversight reduces the effort and labor required for audit by up to 90%.


Fraud costs big. ACFE, the world's largest anti-fraud organization, estimates that occupational fraud costs businesses up to 5% of revenue annually.

Centralized control for operations, compliance, and internal audit teams

Oversight’s continuous analysis ensures process integrity, fills control gaps, triggers timely alerts for unusual spend patterns, spots data entry inconsistencies, and ensures your vendor master data stays clean.

Proactively pinpointing risk

Oversight AI spots patterns of risk and its impact, with our AP monitoring platform, prompting you to move quickly, work more effectively, and do it all with less effort.

Grow your bottom line

As you cut out duplicates and overpayments, clean up your vendor master, and prevent cash leakage with Oversight AI, we are confident you will see positive results on your investment. 

We are confident that Oversight AI will provide positive results on your investment. Find out how much you could save.

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Right tool for the job

Spend process breakdowns cost organizations millions annually. Oversight AI identifies and resolves the issues that matter, eliminating duplicates and overpayments. 


Track Down, Eliminate and Prevent Duplicates

Every invoice, every payment, every vendor. Oversight AI mitigates spend risk proactively by identifying and analyzing them through all points of entry.


Suspicious or Risky Activity

Oversight AI will spot it, alerting you to unusual spend patterns, data entry inconsistencies, and improper purchasing activities.


Your Vendor Master. Let's Keep it Clean.

Constantly analyze your vendor master, guard against data entry errors, unusual banking changes, ghost vendors, and your employee/vendor relationships.

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