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About Oversight

At Oversight,
We Steer The Future.

We help our clients put the processes, policies, and controls in place to ensure better outcomes and manage spend more effectively. 

We're the world's leading provider of AI spend management and risk mitigation solutions for large enterprises. Based in Atlanta, GA, we work with many of the world's most innovative companies and government agencies to digitally transform their audit and financial control processes. 

Our AI-powered platform works across our customers' financial systems to continuously monitor and analyze all spend transactions for fraud, waste, and misuse. With a consolidated, consistent view of risk across their enterprise, customers can prevent financial loss and optimize spend while strengthening the controls that improve compliance. 


We Make Finance Transformation A Reality.
With Oversight, Customers:

AI Audit Platform
#1 AI Audit Platform
$2 Trillion In Spend Analyzed
18 Years In Business
  • Reduce out-of-policy spending by 70% by creating a culture of compliance with insights to help shape and correct company policies and employee behaviors.

  • Help auditors and accounting staff a play more strategic role improving financial performance by eliminating manual review processes.

  • Apply policy recommendations and best practices from their dedicated customer success manager to improve program performance.

  • Know the exactly action to take when transactions are flagged because of clear-cut explanations and suggested next steps.


  • Resolve questionable spending with case management tools that enable direct communicate with employees, managers, and suppliers.

  • Stay compliant with a single control for FCPA, Improper Pay, and Do Not Pay audits and sign-offs.

  • Improve and maintain the health of your supply chain with vendors and transaction data vetted against national, global, and government watchlists.

  • Free up time for strategic work by leveraging technology to reduce false positives, prioritize actions, and more.

Awards & Recognition

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