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3 Posts on the Importance of P-Card Monitoring

on May 19, 2015

Oversight writes a lot about T&E: how to make travel spending better, easier, and more compliant for businesses. For all our emphasis on T&E, we don’t want this important fact to get lost: Oversight can monitor P-Cards for non-compliant activity as well. Here are three blog posts on the importance of P-Card monitoring.

Why Purchase Cards Aren’t the Enemy – Whenever a P-Card scandal happens, particularly in government, many use fraud as example to get rid of the program entirely. We think this is a bit drastic, and Oversight’s Chris Rossie details how governments should leverage monitoring to make P-Card programs more compliant in the wake of a scandal, rather than get rid of programs entirely.

Forgetting to “Inspect What You Expect” Happens in Federal Government Too” – I don’t want to throw governments with P-Card programs under the bus, but if you’re going to be the steward of tax payer dollars, you have to put programs in place to ensure fraud doesn’t happen. As was the case with a recent GSA scandal, wherein the GSA spent nearly $800,000 on a Las Vegas conference, fraud can happen (quite expensively) at the government level as well.

5 Tips for Unlocking Answers Hidden in Your P-Card Transaction Data - In our Spend Analysis Report for T&E we highlighted the most problematic behaviors occurring in T&E programs. While some of these issues are the same across P-Card and T&E programs, leveraging the data to derive these conclusions is very different across the two. Our white paper, 5 Tips for Unlocking Answers Hidden in Your P-Card Transaction Data, details specifics on how you can leverage p-card transaction data that already exists to ensure total compliance to your company’s spending policies.

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