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FCPA Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card

5 Timely Expense Audit White Papers from the Oversight Vault

on May 26, 2015

Oversight’s commitment to furthering thought leadership in our industry is evident in the white papers, reports, and blog content produced for both current customers and prospects alike. In addition to weekly blog content, Oversight consistently puts together bi-monthly, informative-yet-fun white papers on a variety of topics: card fraud, policy compliance, and transaction monitoring to name a few. Below are some of the favorites we’ve published over the last year!

2 Secrets to Fighting Company Card Fraud - The use of corporate cards is on the rise, but along with distributed buying power and ease of use come challenges, such as ensuring adherence to expense policies and preventing fraudulent spending. Did you know that nearly 33% of employees with P-Card access make blatantly fraudulent purchases? That 7% create a purchase out of thin air and expense it as an “out of pocket” purchase? If these behaviors sound familiar, your organization needs our two secrets.

In this white paper you’ll learn: statistics on the type of fraudulent purchases employees make, common examples of suspicious spending and behaviors, and tips for avoiding sample-based audits.

Who Should Read: For both novices and establish veterans, this paper is for anyone looking to thwart card fraud within their own spending program.

Six Tips to Reduce T&E Waste - Did you know that behind payroll, T&E is your company’s largest discretionary expense? In today’s business environments, it’s important to make every dollar count, but with the large volume of transactions and growing globalization of business, it can be difficult to monitor expenditures in a timely and effective way which leads to policy abuse, fraud, and unforeseen T&E waste.

In this white paper you’ll learn: how to stop duplicate submissions,how to identify and address misclassified expenses, andwhy focusing on suspicious out-of-pocket expenses and outliers is key.

Who Should Read: Those working in an organization with a T&E program, or those who have noticed an increase in T&E spend and would like to find out why.

Creating a Culture of Corporate Card Compliance –Putting corporate cards into the hands of employees enhances convenience and offers significant rebates and financial incentives for any company doing business. Yet with this increased buying power it is important to establish both strong usage policies and restrictions to combat fraudulent spending, and we discuss the best ways to do this in our first compliance themed white paper. 

In this white paper you’ll learn: the type of controls you’ll need to create a culture of compliance, the difference between preventive and detective controls, how to establish an effective monitoring and analysis program of company expenses, and the most common types of fraud to identify.

Who Should Read: Compliance officers, internal audit, and CFOs looking to increase card program compliance.

Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring: The PB&J of Corporate Finance – It’s no secret Oversight <3’s Concur. Big time. As one of their preferred app center partners, we decided to put together a white paper that details how users of our two applications can create a tasty T&E program that goes light on the cumbersome financial controls.

In this white paper you’ll learn: why you need transaction monitoring for your expense management platform, how to integrate expense management with automated monitoring, and the two biggest advantages to using Concur and Oversight together!

Who Should Read: Concur users, tech-geeks, and T&E program managers.

And be sure to check out our latest white paper! - What Major League Baseball Has in Common With the FCPA

With baseball season in full swing, Oversight wanted to get in on the fun! Our newest white paper, “What Major League Baseball Has in Common with the FCPA,” compares the state of recent FCPA violations (Avon, Morgan Stanley) with the MLB steroid scandals of the 90’s. The baseball comparison makes FCPA enforcement easier to understand, and we think this is one of our best white papers yet!

In this white paper you’ll learn: the cost of internal FCPA controls (often less than a violation fine!), how to identify risky behavior in your own spending program, and how automated analysis can reduce your FCPA risk.

Lauren Bowling

Lauren Bowling works for Oversight and contributes to the Oversight Blog.