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A New Whitepaper - Creating a Culture of Corporate Card Compliance

on August 14, 2014

At Oversight, we wait on pins and needles every other month for the analysis subject experts to reveal the latest white paper. We’ve already brought to you a white paper on the six tips for reducing T&E waste, as well as shared our two secrets for fighting corporate card fraud, but what about preventing waste, misuse and abuse before they occur? To do this, you’ll need to create a culture of corporate card compliance within your own organization.

After all, putting corporate buying power into the hands of employees enhances convenience and offers significant rebates and financial incentives for the company. This is why everyone loves using corporate cards. Yet with this increased buying power comes the increased risk for bad behavior, so it is important to establish both strong usage policies and restrictions. We discuss the best way to do this in our newest white paper, “Creating a Culture of Corporate Card Compliance.”

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