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Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring, the PB&J of Finance

on February 05, 2015

Oversight is excited to present our first white paper of 2015, “Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring, the PB&J of Finance.” Written specifically with our Concur partnership in mind, this piece details why you should NEVER have an expense management program without a proper financial control, like Oversight Insights On Demand™!

Within any spending program there is a great balancing act between flexibility and control. Employees need flexibility within corporate spending programs to get the job done easily and efficiently, but the business needs to maintain active process controls so that opportunities for fraud, waste, and misuse are limited and discouraged. Expense management systems are typically more focused on flexibility because they want high user adoption rates.

So, the question becomes, how do you create a tasty T&E program that goes light on the cumbersome financial controls? Read our white paper to find out! You’ll also learn:

  • Why You Need Transaction Monitoring for your Expense Management Platform
  • How to Integrate Expenses Management with Automated Monitoring
  • Two big advantages to using Concur and Oversight together

Are you ready to create a better expense management process? If so, then learn how to leverage automated transaction monitoring to view overall spending patterns and behaviors within your T&E program and better shape your company’s policies. Peanut butter without jelly just isn’t the same, and neither is Expense Management without Transaction Monitoring.

Download the white paper: Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring, the PB&J of Finance.

Lauren Bowling

Lauren Bowling works for Oversight and contributes to the Oversight Blog.