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A Whitepaper - What Major League Baseball Has in Common with the FCPA

on May 14, 2015

There have been several high-profile scandals in all sports including doping in track and field, cycling (Lance Armstrong, anyone?), American football, and baseball, but Major League Baseball (MLB) offers the most useful analogy to FCPA. For years MLB turned a blind eye to the use of steroids and human growth hormones. Why? It was good for business.  Sponsors benefit, owners accrue value in their teams, and players earn more money as they separate from their peers. In light of all this, competition mounts not only among teams, but also between players for the largest contracts.

Amped up batters hit home runs in record numbers. Excited fans crowded ballparks to see the “long ball”. Borderline players became established stars and the already established stars began accruing records for the ages.

With baseball season in full swing, Oversight wanted to get in on the fun! Our newest white paper, “What Major League Baseball Has in Common with the FCPA,” compares the state of recent FCPA violations (Avon, Morgan Stanley) with the MLB steroid scandals of the 90’s. The baseball comparison makes FCPA enforcement easier to understand, and we think this is one of our best white papers yet!

 This white paper Oversight also covers:

  • The cost of internal FCPA controls (often less than a violation fine!)
  • The lesson from MLB Performance Enhancing Drug scandals in the 90’s and why it relates to the FCPA
  • How to identify risky behavior in your own spending program
  • How automated analysis can reduce your FCPA risk

Download the full white paper - What Major League Baseball Has in Common with the FCPA.

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