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Customer Feedback: 3 Reasons Why

on October 27, 2015

During the trial process many of our prospects like to ask us this question: “Why did your clients select you?” This is an excellent question, and while there are many different reasons that we’ve heard, here are the three most common:

1. The first reason is our emphasis on customers.

We offer free “test drives” of our solution to all prospects to ensure they can see the value and also see how our software can integrate into their current process. Even better, an Account Manager is assigned to prospects during the trial process to answer any questions they have related to Insights On Demand. This Account Manager is also the prospect’s main point of contact if they choose to go into production, so the test drive really paints a picture of what working with Oversight will be like.  We do this before they ever have to buy anything.  That’s a lot of resources invested into someone who may or may not buy, which demonstrates our commitment to always putting customers- both prospective and current—first.

2. Easy to automate the compliance process.

The second most common reason our clients say they selected Oversight is that we make automating compliance easy, as simple as we possibly can for our clients. We do this through our partnerships with Concur, Oracle, SAP, and TSYS, which are a huge advantage for acquiring client data. We also make it easy by being prescriptive when it comes to what you and your program may need in terms of analysis. The analytics we recommend are based on our 12 years of best practice experience, and we leverage this experience by taking the time to get to know the client and recommend the analytics best for them based on their individual needs.

3. It pays for itself.

The third reason (and it’s a big one!) our clients have said they selected Oversight is that we make automating compliance pay for itself, which isn’t easy to do in today’s technology environment. Our software boasts a large focus on promoting compliant behaviors, which is a key component in lowering travel costs in organizations. We also provide root cause visibility to give clients insight into anomalies in your spend.  Increasing the scope into your travel spend while decreasing the level of effort to review is another way that Oversight makes automating compliance pay for itself.

Oversight’s emphasis on customers, the ease of automating compliance, and enabling automating compliance to pay for itself are the three most common reasons our clients have chosen Oversight. Why don’t you take a test drive and see for yourself?

Samantha Dolan

Samantha Dolan contributes for Oversight.