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DOJ Fines No Longer a Cost of Doing Business: Automate Ongoing Transaction Monitoring to Reduce FCPA Risk

on September 23, 2016

We come to you with this whitepaper because of the many recent FCPA violations and settlements large companies have faced since the implementation of the Yates Memo. Compliance – specifically when it comes to T&E and monitoring employee spending –has become THE hot button issue for large organizations who do international business.

At Oversight, we believe FCPA compliance is a non-negotiable. We also understand that building a fully compliant program is easier said than done. A major gap for most organizations is an inability to accurately and consistently identify patterns of inappropriate behaviors in travel, entertainment and purchasing that pose large FCPA risk. The volume of transactions and the ever-growing stores of information to monitor make it difficult (if not impossible) to identify patterns of behavior via traditional analytical approaches that tend to mainly detect glaring issues.

This white paper explains how companies can overcome those difficulties by using automated monitoring technology that both reduces FCPA risk and creates a fully compliant organization with less time and less money than ever before. Not to mention - companies that implement an analysis tool like Oversight Insights On Demand™ have been shown to receive more lenient punishments during a DOJ investigation.

In addition to the topics above this white paper also covers:

  • The challenges of traditional transaction monitoring
  • A case study of the Morgan Stanley FCPA Settlement
  • Four steps to an effective automated compliance system

And more!

So, you see FCPA actions and hefty DOJ fines do not have to be a line item in your company budget – with technologies like Oversight, they’re no longer a “cost of doing business” and instead something your organization can prevent.

Click here to download the white paper from Oversight

Lauren Bowling

Lauren Bowling works for Oversight and contributes to the Oversight Blog.