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Five Business Travel Fraud Schemes and How Oversight Can Protect You

on October 14, 2016

I got very excited reading this great article, “Five Business Travel Fraud Schemes Tech is Dismantling,” because each of the five schemes mentioned is something Oversight guards against. I kept reading the original article and nodding my head going, “yes, yes!”

The truth is we’ve been protecting your business travel spend against fraud since 2003, but the trend of using analytics for this purpose is only just now catching on.

Here are five travel schemes, and the specific ways in which Oversight Systems guards your program against them.


Per Diem Abuse

Although many companies are moving away from the use of a per diem, Oversight’s new Excessive Daily Meals Insight can easily scan for those who are spending outside of your company’s allowed limits.


Padding Mileage

We built our T&E Mileage Insight based off of specific customer feedback. There has long been a need for a technology that can spot suspicious mileage, gas, and rental car transactions, and now there is!


Fake Expenses

If you’ve got employees trying to “game the system” our T&E Suspicious Out of Pocket Insight will catch them. Here’s why: everything – even fraud – has a pattern; it’s just sometimes undetectable to the human eye. With a technology element doing the heavy lifting by auditing every expense even those under a company’s receipt limit, you can easily see patterns of round dollar amounts under the threshold and identify falsified or padded expenses. 


Unused Airline Tickets 

Sometimes travel plans change…. and sometimes employees will book another ticket and charge it to the company and then use the credit for their own personal vacation. Our Outstanding Credits Insight can help spot unused funds, so you don’t leave your company open for this type of misuse of company dollars.


Last Minute Flight Bookings

Have an employee who keeps waiting until the last minute to book a flight. Yes? How do you know they are waiting until the last minute? 

Probably because their flight spending is higher than any other employee.

So, how do you tell which employees are spending more than others?

By using our Oversight Dashboard which tells you which employees spend the most – and where. With one click of the button you are able to easily discern the repeat offenders from those who just made an honest mistake. 

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