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Travel & Expense

How to Get the Most Out of Your Concur T&E Program

on January 22, 2015

Recently a prospective customer asked the question, “Since we are using Concur doesn’t it already do everything that your product does?”  One simple answer to that is “No.” In fact, over 65% of our customers use Concur and are very enthusiastic about what Oversight adds to their overall T&E program.

Concur certainly has the best-of-breed when it comes to T&E Expense Reporting solutions, as evidenced by their large market share.  The application is intuitive and easy to use for travelers, managers and T&E Program managers.  However, like most applications, it was built for a specific purpose and it properly focuses on that purpose and does it well. 

Enter Oversight Insights On Demand™.   Insights On Demand for T&E is focused on helping the T&E Program Manager by giving his or her team increased visibility into the thousands of T&E Expense reports, highlighting problem or risky areas, and providing the tools to effectively influence traveler behavior. Put simply, our program ensures compliance to policy as well as reduces T&E spend.

Without Oversight, many companies rely on manager approval and sample audits to ensure policy compliance.  However, managers are often busy and don’t see issues when approving expense reports.  But even for very vigilant managers, it is impossible to remember every expense report that an employee has submitted and detect subtle patterns of behavior or items from a previous report that might be duplicated on a current report.  Sample audits are labor intensive and time consuming, and since problems are only present in a small percentage of instances, it is a lot of wasted effort. Sample audits also cannot easily detect patterns of behavior nor cross-report issues.

Automated review of expenses is required to accomplish the task efficiently and effectively. But the data scientists or auditors in the company are usually applying their capabilities to other projects that have a higher overall corporate priority. Oversight steps in with a solution that is powerful, easy to use and tailored for your needs, and we provide this for less effort and money than you would spend doing it yourself.

So if you have Concur, do you still need Oversight?  Definitely yes!  Don’t get me wrong, we love Concur and use it ourselves.  But to get the most out of your T&E program the best recommendation is to use Concur PLUS Oversight.  You can ask any of our raving fans!

Nathanael L’Heureux

Chief Client Officer