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If You Only Have 10 Minutes to Learn about Oversight-Read Three Things

on April 08, 2016

When researching what a company is all about online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Particularly with a company like Oversight, which puts out great blogs every week, white papers every quarter, and a Spend Analysis report each year, it’s tough to know where to start. Lucky for you, I am here to help!

I’ve been managing content at Oversight for over two years now. Because we have an energetic office of great co-workers and thoughtful blog contributors, it’s easy to put our best (written) foot forward. Narrowing down the top three things to read was tough, but I picked the items below based on their ability to powerfully demonstrate what it is Oversight Insights On Demand™ is all about.

If you’re not already auditing expenses for non-compliant spending, hopefully these informative pieces of content marketing can help convince you.

The Oversight Spend Analysis Report (Volume 2) – Our annual Spend Analysis report is easily our biggest—and most popular—content project of the year. The team here spends months compiling and analyzing data from 32 million expense report transactions. It’s a beautiful collaboration between our solutions, marketing, and technology teams, and is a powerful visual representation of the difference an operational expense analysis tool like Oversight can make and what you might find once you start looking at your company’s spending!

Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring: The PB&J of Finance – It was tough to choose which white paper I felt was the most important from our vast white paper library, but I picked this one for several reasons. First, we love working with Concur customers, and this white paper articulates just how our two technology solutions pair together. Second, who doesn’t love a good food reference?

3 Outstanding Functionalities of Our Workbench – Narrowing in on a top blog post was especially difficult, given that we publish brand new, stand out content every week. Even though the post above is one of our most recent, I chose it because our Workbench has never gotten a detailed explanation before, and Oversight blog squad member Dustin Scruggs does it beautifully! The Workbench is a case management tool that allows our clients to take audit findings and act on them quickly and easily. Cool, right?

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