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Interested in Big Data? We’ve got BIG Blog Posts for Your Business

on April 28, 2015

Each week I’ve been aggregating great pieces of thought leadership we’ve put out on the blog that you may have missed. This week we’re focusing on Big Data: a trendy buzz word in the technology space. Companies either don’t know what to do with their data to make it work for their business, or they ignore it altogether; which is where Oversight can help!

How Big Data Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions – Having a hard time knowing where to start when it comes to leveraging your data? Our CEO Patrick Taylor recommends identifying the types of decisions that can be supported with automated analysis, either strategic or tactical, and then working from there.

Leveraging Data Context to Evaluate SEC Coaches’ Salaries – In this fun football themed blog post, Chris Rossie breaks down how data needs to be aggregated from across multiple platforms in order to become actionable and useful to the business. He uses popular SEC Coaches and their win ratio to salary payout as a great example.

Big Data, Big Answers –Oversight’s Chris Rossie writes, “The Big Data ecosystem is also overly consumed with definitions and determining whether problems are “big enough” for Big Data.  I think this approach is incorrect, as the reality is that value is determined by the ability of data analysis to help companies manage businesses better and make better decisions.”

Big Data Waste is Real, Here is What to Do About it – The best big data solutions package analysis into a solution (HINT: Much like Oversight Insights On Demand!)

When It Comes to Data, Don’t Spend On the Celebrity Quarterback – Another football analogy by Oversight’s resident blog guru, Chris Rossie, he likens how companies often spend extravagantly on big data analysis to how some NFL teams pay a large sum out of pocket on celebrity quarterbacks. “Some teams re-build, others re-load.  In the NFL, the New England Patriots are a great example of a team that re-loads.  They do this by leveraging the NFL equivalent of cloud-based solutions: by not spending outrageous sums of money, but also not shying away from big investments in key positions like the quarterback. It’s the “middle of the road” approach.  They feel comfortable doing this because they are confident in their ability to leverage other skills to meet the overall objective.  Leading businesses find this “middle road” in data analysis by leveraging cloud-based data analysis solutions like Insights On Demand.”  As Oversight’s content manager, this is one of my all-time favorite blog posts that we’ve ever had on the blog!

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