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Live Demonstrations: A Trick or a Treat?

on October 22, 2015

For any prospective client, an important step in evaluating the value of Oversight Insights On Demand is taking advantage of our Free Test Drive. This allows you the chance to view results with your own data. But before we set this up for prospective clients, we suggest taking an hour to look at a generic live demonstration, or “live demo” as the sales team calls it.

We also understand that this can seem daunting or unnecessary- why spend an hour looking at fictionalized data when you can jump to seeing your own data by taking a Test Drive? But seeing a demonstration is an important first step to understanding why other organizations have chosen Oversight and determining the value we can bring to your organization. The hour commitment will be well worth it, I promise.

Participating in this demonstration is important for someone considering Oversight solutions for two reasons: it expands what you’ve heard about us into a tangible, real-life visual, and it also gives you an understanding of our platform. This ensures that we both wow you, and that your trial results are tailored to your goals.

During the demonstration, you’re joined by both an Account Executive who can speak to your environment and help make the information relevant to you, and someone from the Client Engagement team to take you through the functionality of the tool. The majority of the time is spent walking through both our Dashboard and our Workbench and illustrating how the tool is used, what kind of findings are present, and what steps can be taken to resolve issues. There is also ample time for questions and answers so that you can make sure you know everything you need to know about Oversight!

Once you have this understanding of how Oversight operates and looks, your trial will be that much more beneficial to you. When looking at your data, you won’t be distracted by trying to figure out what each component means and how to work with the data; instead, you’ll understand the power of the tool and be able to focus on your findings. Without context, it would be like watching an episode of a TV show where you don’t know any of the characters or plots. But by watching the demonstration first, you gain that context, and ultimately a greater value from your trial.

Taking an hour to watch a demonstration of our solution can be the most important step in evaluating Oversight Insights On Demand as an automated compliance solution- and that’s not a trick!

Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager