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Meet the 2016 Oversight Blog Squad!

on February 02, 2016

Mid-2015 you may have noticed a shift on the Oversight blog: we went from having three regular contributors to six! By doubling the amount of people writing for the Oversight blog we noticed an uptick in traffic, a surge in creativity among our teammates and a bigger sense of ownership over the blog. In making this change the blog isn’t just a reflection of the marketing team or the CEO, but a reflection of the level of expertise and many voices we have in our office. Multiple contributors also helps keep our blog fresh, and we love the way our company culture is reflected in how the team handles the blog each month!

We love it so much we’ve added even more contributors to our “Oversight Blog Squad” in 2016 and wanted to take a minute to introduce them here. Get a chance to know them better and meet them below!


Al Gordon
As the Director of Sales and Learning Operations, Al’s blog posts focus on taking an existing process that’s just “okay” and making it even better.

Recently By Al: FCPA Enforcement: A Serious Business

Ashlee Holmes
Ashlee is an Account Manager at Oversight and she’s known for her quick wit and being a favorite among clients. She provides some of our funniest (and most popular!) posts.

Recently By Ashlee: Oversight vs. Thanksgiving: 5 Reasons to Eat Up

Nathanael L’Heureux

Nathanael is a long time Oversight-er and serves as our VP of Product Management. After taking some time off from contributing to the blog, we are glad to have him back in 2016!

Recently by Nathanael:  Why You Need Automated Case Management

Shauntia Lovett

Shauntia works on the Account Development team at Oversight and she’ll be bringing her unique perspective as a Sales team member to the Oversight Blog.

Recently by Shauntia: Coming soon! 

Dustin Scruggs

Dustin is a recent addition to the Oversight team where he serves as Client Engagement Analyst on our Solutions team. Like Julia, he’ll be writing about how to best leverage our software to truly make the most of your analysis.

Recently by Dustin: Coming soon!

Patrick Taylor
Our CEO often finds time in his busy schedule to regularly contribute his thoughts on big data and analytics to the blog. Patrick expertly ties in themes from his own life to make compliance, analytics, and technology easy-to-understand and accessible to readers.

Recently By Patrick:  Why We’re Being More Prescriptive When It Comes to Data Science and Compliance

Julia Versaci
Julia is our Knowledge Engineer, and known around the office for being the “go to” person when you need something done within our software. She’s also one of the most creative writers on our blog!

Recently By Julia:  A Better Way to Audit Expenses in 2016

Rachel Ware

Previously in Account Development, Rachel is now the Business Development Manager for Oversight Systems. She’ll focus on writing about all things partnership related at Oversight.

Recently by Rachel: Recapping the Concur Ignite Event

Sarah Zoloth

Sarah is the Manager of Account Development at Oversight and often tackles writing our Company Culture series and documenting the “happenings” at Oversight for the blog.

Recently by Sarah: Swimming With the Sharks

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