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Nothing Gets by You Now

on June 16, 2021

“Nothing gets by you now.” 

It’s something you’ll be hearing from us more frequently. It’s our rallying cry. Our stake in the ground. Our promise to all.  

Many Finance and Accounting professionals are under immense pressure to ensure their financial processes and transactions are processed and managed efficiently and effectively. You are on the front lines of spend, juggling hybrid processes, human errors, non-compliant purchases, and, at times, potential fraud cases.

Your teams may be manually auditing small samples of past spend while also managing many other finance-related items that are time-consuming and viewed as mission-critical by your organization’s leaders.

In fact, some financial leaders might rationalize their situation with this thought. “Our systems are a little manual, a little siloed, sure. But we’re a huge company, that’s to be expected. Look, we’ve been doing it this way for 20 years. It may not be perfect, but it’s good enough, and I am under-resourced to do more. And besides, everyone else does it this way as well.”

But, we view this as the past for finance teams. It’s time we give these teams back their time and improve the efficiency of their financial controls to elevate their role from manual processes to essential financial analysis.  

Oversight is here to transform how you efficiently process and manage spend. It’s how you realize that the “old way” wasn’t cutting it – for financial health and teams alike.

We help companies and organizations:

  1. See it all – Organizations can have 100% visibility in real-time across every area of spend, from T&E and P-cards to payables and more.
  2. Spot the patterns – Teams look beyond individual transactions and identify the root causes, trends and underlying behaviors driving non-compliant spend.
  3. Steer the future – Put the processes, policies and controls in place to ensure better outcomes and manage risk more effectively while improving process efficiencies.

What’s our secret? We help reshape how and when you analyze your financial transactions.

With our AI technology, you analyze every swipe of every corporate card, parse every line of every receipt, review every expense report and double-check every line of every invoice while saving precious time to focus on strategic efforts to improve processes to minimize wasteful, non-compliant and fraudulent spend. You identify the in-process items that don’t align with your common spending patterns, the norms, the averages, the regulations, or even regular business expectations. And you do it automatically. Continuously. Relentlessly. In real-time.

Notably, 25% of the Fortune 100 are already onboard with Oversight, doing something way more powerful with their spend risk monitoring, and importantly, their spend optimization than ever before. Southwest Airlines uses Oversight. So does Fidelity. Add Netflix to the list, along with Google and Facebook. Defense contractors. Colleges and Universities. Blue-chip stalwarts. All agree on one thing: All artificial intelligence platforms are not created equal, and Oversight stands out.

At Oversight, we commit to helping companies of all sizes identify exceptions in real-time for in-process payments to identify process breakdowns and improve internal controls. We’re how you save time and improve efficiencies to elevate finance teams. We’re rallying our efforts around an idea that resonates with visionary organizations around the world: With Oversight, Nothing Gets By You Now.  

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Chris Juneau

Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer of Oversight and contributes to the Blog.

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