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Oversight Excels at Promoting from Within

on February 16, 2016

When I started on the Demand Generation team almost two years ago, there was a total of five of us. In the early days of the program it was up to us to shape the way we worked and discover the best ways to reach prospects and ask them to commit to learning more about Oversight. One of the great things about starting on this team is that the Oversight leadership placed a big emphasis on making sure we were able to learn skills that enabled us not only to succeed as Demand Generation Reps (DGs), but also opened the door for us to be promoted to other areas within the company. We’ve had a total of fifteen DGs, with half of them being promoted to other positions within Oversight.

I know I can speak for the whole team in saying we’re very grateful Oversight was so dedicated to giving us these paths to success. As we enter 2016 and new opportunities appear for all of us, I wanted to spotlight some of the paths that we’ve been able to take.

Four members of the team have gone on to become Account Executives, working with the sales team to help interested prospects understand the value of Oversight. These team members are responsible for setting up demonstrations, free trials, and all the steps necessary to get companies started as an Oversight customer. Some of these Account Executives have even been able to work with prospects they connected with initially as DG representatives, which has added a full circle element to their Oversight experience. One nice thing is that the DG team works very closely with them, so we’re still interacting with the people we’re used to working on a team with, even when they move on!

Additionally, three DG’s were asked to come aboard and develop a new and innovative team at Oversight- our Account Managers. (You’ve met Ashlee, one of our DG reps turned successful Account Manager). The Account Management team has been hugely successful in making our customers happy and it’s become an invaluable part of the way Oversight works. I’m sure that this is in large part due to their experience as DGs while working with prospects and being able to give a high level understanding of our tool. This is a team we expect to continue growing over the next year as more customers deserve their 1:1 attention!

This year we also promoted a long-time team member to a new role created based on her success. As our Business Development Manager, she works with our technology partners to build relationships and make sure their clients and ours are getting the best experience we can provide together.

Because of all these wonderful moves within the company, we’ve also been lucky to consistently add new team members. We’re starting 2016 off with a strong team of DGs, a blend of new faces and veterans, and we can’t wait to see where everyone ends up by the end of the year!

Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager