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Oversight vs. Valentine’s Day: 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Us

on February 12, 2016

Whether or not you believe that Valentine’s Day is a money-suck, chances are you’ll buy flowers for that special someone in your life. To cover the bases, you may also buy their favorite candy, and then you’ll most likely find yourself selecting the perfect card to tie it all together. Whether or not you believe it, Travel and Expense is no different: a necessary money-suck. Let us help you cover the bases. By now you should know Oversight and love us, but in case you do not I’ve got five big reasons why you should let us be your Valentine this year:

  • Cupid’s Arrow (aka our risk-based approach to analyzing your data)Don’t waste your time—find the one transaction or pattern of transactions that don’t add up.

Instead of wasting your time with the “dating game” (aka a sample-based approach to reviewing expenses), Oversight finds the anomalies automatically by targeting your review to look only at the transactions that are riskiest to your business.

  • Flower bouquet (aka Oversight’s Workbench application with built-in workflow): Show them how you know what they submitted was out-of-policy.

A bouquet of flowers can take you from the “dog house” to “perfect” in 3 seconds. Words are nice, but proof is better. “Proof” means flowers. “Proof” means the corporate card transaction and expense report information all in one place to back-up your claim of out-of-policy spend.

  • Valentine’s Day greeting card (aka email functionality of the Oversight Workbench application): Tell them how much you care about policy. Communication makes or breaks any relationship. So, let’s save your relationship— or, travel program.

Another perk of having Oversight in place is that you don’t have to leave the Oversight system to tell employees that they’re being monitored or ask them for justification for an expense. You have all the tools you need in one place to review, research, and resolve your findings.

  • That Tiffany’s ring she’s had her eye on for months (aka the Oversight Dashboard): They say you can’t measure love, but they haven’t seen our Dashboard!

With Oversight’s management Dashboard you’re able to measure how much your program is improving over time.

  • Box of Chocolates (aka your Oversight Account Manager): When you have it all, what’s more to want besides a great personality making sure you have what you need to be successful?

One of our main goals is to treat clients like prospects, and treat prospects like clients. Everyone should have access to great customer service (I’m only a little biased). Account Managers get involved as early as the Trial process. Meet your Account Manager today by registering for a free Test Drive!

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