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Oversight’s Top 5 Blog Posts on Travel Spending and Traveler Management

on March 31, 2015

In case you missed it last week, I’m highlighting posts from the past year in the hopes of emphasizing topics you may have missed. Last week I covered 5 Posts on Financial Compliance you Can't Live Without Reading.  With the Oversight Sales and Executive team at Concur Fusion this week in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to highlight great blog posts related to business travel and travel spending.

For context: Since March 2014, Oversight has published nearly 100 blog posts, the topics running the gamut from fraud prevention, ensuring FCPA compliance, business & financial best practices, data analysis, and automating transaction monitoring. The Oversight blog is just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of the knowledge and expertise we put out and provide to our customers. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy this recap and these posts I dug out of our archives.

The Importance of Benchmarking and the BTN Travel Index – Every year Business Travel News unveils their Corporate Travel Index that reveals average business traveler per diems and some of the most expensive cities across the globe.  Oversight’s Chris Rossie recaps the 2014 Corporate Travel Index and includes three important benchmarks travel managers can use to keep corporate travel spending in check.

Sharing Economy Companies are in the Market, How Do We Work With Them? – CEO, Patrick Taylor, shares how Oversight’s expense audit tool can help find problem travelers in any spending program, even when they’re leveraging sharing economy companies like Uber and AirBnB.

5 Questions to Better Manage Your Hotel Spend - Whether you expect stays and hotel cost to increase, decrease, or remain the same in 2015, understanding what is really happening within your travel program is critical to managing your travel program. To properly manage your travel program, you need to be able to answer the five questions outlined in this post.

Managing Traveler Friction with Data Analysis - Managing traveler friction (or traveler burnout as it is more commonly called) is a complex challenge for today’s corporate travel managers; they have to balance the need for making the most out of the corporate travel budget while also avoiding burned out road warriors. It’s a tricky proposition, but one that automated analysis can help with.

Thoughts on the State of T&E Spend – Concur and Forrester Research released a report in 2014 on the state of T&E spend.  Oversight was excited about the study, as the findings fall directly in line with the problems we address for our clients. Our CEO, Patrick Taylor, recaps three of the most surprising findings in the study and how Oversight can help.

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