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Recapping the 16th Annual NAPCP Commercial Card and Payment Conference

on May 05, 2015

It has been a very busy April for the Oversight sales team, as two of our biggest events, Concur Fusion and the 16th Annual NAPCP Commercial Card and Payment Conference, both happened this month. Now that I’m back in town, it is my turn to recap an event from the Sales team’s perspective and I wanted to share a few highlights from our time in San Antonio on April 13-16th. Representing Oversight were myself, Executive Vice President of Sales, Chris Rossie, and Vice President of Solutions and Customer Engagement, Manish Singh.

The event was held at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, and we had one of the best booth locations of any conference we’ve been to. This was happily met with lots of booth traffic from attendees. Many individuals who stopped by mentioned they’d heard about us from current customers. It is always great to hear we have positive word-of-mouth from current customers, as customer engagement and happiness is the top priority at Oversight.

We were also very fortunate to have one of our Fortune 50 customers speak at two sessions on our behalf. Having a strong testimonial from a customer who is not only using our software, but having outstanding success with it, went a long way toward inciting interest from fellow conference attendees. After our second session, we almost packed the room and over a dozen people stayed behind to learn more. Manish, Chris, and I definitely had our hands full!

We also had a chance to speak with some of our most recent customers, and it was great to hear from them their plans to leverage our software over the next few months.

After a spectacular time at the Concur Fusion event, the sales team was happy to close out the month with a strong showing at the NAPCP Conference. It is always exciting to see how positively current and potential customers act to what we’re trying to do in terms of simplifying the expense compliance and audit process.

Sam Haase

Sam Haase is a contributor to our Oversight Blog.